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The Top 15 unfriendliest and friendliest cities in the world, 2015

Moscow in Russia has been voted the unfriendliest city in the world in a survey conducted by Travel + Leisure. Interestingly, 9 cities of the United States of America find a mention in the TOP 15 list of the least friendly cities in the world.

“Travel + Leisure readers didn’t find Muscovites to be particularly helpful,” the magazine said.   The magazine ranked the world’s cities according to their readers’ ratings of friendliness in the destinations, Atlantic City in New Jersey was ranked the 2nd least friendly city in the world.

Russia’s St. Petersburg came third on the list, with rude residents leaving travellers less than impressed. The top 5 least friendly cities were Moscow in Russia, Atlantic City in New Jersey, St. Petersburg in Russia, Marseille in France, and Los Angeles in California.

A significant number of the top ten unfriendliest cities are located in the US (including Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Las Vegas and the world’s #2 unfriendliest city – Atlantic City).

See the top 15 least friendly cities below:

1) Moscow, Russia

2) Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

3) St Petersburg, Russia

4) Marseille, France

5) Los Angeles, California, USA

6) New York, New York, USA

7) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

8) Baltimore, Maryland, USA

9) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

10) Cannes, France

11) Beijing, China

12) Miami, Florida, USA

13) Washington, DC, USA

14) Frankfurt, Germany

15) Boston, Massachusetts, USA

See the top 15 most friendly cities below:

1) Galway, Ireland

2) Charleston, USA

3) Dublin, Ireland

4) Cork, Ireland

5) Siem Reap, Cambodia

6) Auckland, New Zealand

7) Melbourne, Australia

8) Sydney, Australia

9) Edinburgh, Scotland

10) Savannah, Georgia

11) Cape Town, South Africa

12) Austin, Texas

13) Kyoto, Japan

14) Nashville, USA

15) Asheville, USA

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Which city in the world would you consider the friendliest – or unfriendliest? Share your Comments in the box below.

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