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Pushing the Boundaries of Marketing at Adobe Summit EMEA

Enabling Dynamic Programmatic Advertising

Another challenge many marketers face in scaling their efforts is connecting the right creative and content to their programmatic advertising efforts. To improve this link, Adobe announced the acquisition of Tumri, a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology, from Collective.

The newly acquired technology will enhance existing capabilities across Adobe Marketing Cloud, allowing organizations to seamlessly build, personalize and deliver creative assets in real time across channels and devices. With the new DCO capabilities integrated via Adobe Media Optimizer, advertisers will be able to automatically develop creative ad units at scale, increase operational efficiency, deliver more personalized messaging, and test to see what content is most effective. The result – more engaged audiences from receiving the right message at the right time, yielding higher conversion rates and stronger advertising ROI.

Pushing the Boundaries of Marketing Transformation

The evolution of marketing technology is transforming how businesses engage with customers across every touch point. By breaking down organizational silos and pushing the boundaries of marketing, brands are reaching customers with the right experience and the right time at a scale that was impossible just a few years ago.

Marketing is an ongoing process of reinvention and transformation – and these new innovations from Adobe are one step in that journey. It’s clear that the digital customer is here to stay, and the entire organization – from product teams to marketing to sales and customer service – needs to reach them with the personalized and engaging experiences they expect.

Written by Suresh Vittal, vice president of Marketing Strategy for Adobe’s Digital Marketing business. You can follow Suresh on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Adobe Digital Marketing blog.

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Suresh Vittal at vice president of Marketing Strategy for Adobe’s Digital Marketing business
Vice President, Product Marketing & Strategy, Adobe Marketing Cloud. Suresh oversees product marketing and marketing strategy for the industry leading Adobe Marketing Cloud, and its six integrated solutions and core services. He is responsible for driving the strategic marketing efforts of Adobe’s Digital Marketing technologies, driving go-to-market initiatives for Adobe Primetime, Adobe Mobile and PhoneGap for Enterprise, Digital Publishing Suite, as well as the eight solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud.
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