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Pushing the Boundaries of Marketing at Adobe Summit EMEA

Aligning Sales, Service and Marketing

While streamlining creative-to-marketing workflows is an important step, these efficiencies can quickly break down outside of the creative/marketing ecosystem. With many customer touch points still falling outside of marketing – such as sales – it’s important to ensure that organizations have an end-to-end solution that allows brands to connect customers across marketing, sales and customer service interactions. This kind of connection can give customers a single, unified experience regardless of when, how or why they are reaching out to interact with an organization.

To address this challenge, Adobe and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to integrate Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solutions with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM system. This partnership will allow brands to take all customer engagements into account, from reach and acquisition to retention and loyalty, within a connected suite. Businesses will have the ability to:

  • Better Align Sales and Marketing Activities: By tracking marketing and sales efforts within a connected suite, important customer information on audiences and behaviors can help guide sales or service calls, and help teams identify additional sales opportunities that may have previously been lost within siloed systems.
  • Find High-value Audience Segments: Having access to integrated CRM and marketing customer information will give organizations the ability to better identify high-value audience segments and target them with real-time offers via websites and display ads.
  • Create Deeper Personalization: By combining Web behavior data with order history, return history, loyalty status and call center history, organizations will have new opportunities to deliver the right content at the right time – via Web, email or mobile – based on the sales lifecycle stage the customer is in.

This alliance between Adobe and Microsoft is extending marketing’s technology efficiencies and data across the enterprise, leading to an organization-wide transformation that truly fits Adobe’s vision to push the boundaries of marketing.

Suresh Vittal

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Suresh Vittal at vice president of Marketing Strategy for Adobe’s Digital Marketing business
Vice President, Product Marketing & Strategy, Adobe Marketing Cloud. Suresh oversees product marketing and marketing strategy for the industry leading Adobe Marketing Cloud, and its six integrated solutions and core services. He is responsible for driving the strategic marketing efforts of Adobe’s Digital Marketing technologies, driving go-to-market initiatives for Adobe Primetime, Adobe Mobile and PhoneGap for Enterprise, Digital Publishing Suite, as well as the eight solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Suresh Vittal

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