Monday, June 21, 2021

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Pushing the Boundaries of Marketing at Adobe Summit EMEA

During this week’s Adobe Summit in London – Adobe’s annual European digital marketing conference – Adobe continued to push the boundaries of marketing with digital marketing technology innovations to help organizations expand marketing capabilities and break down silos between departments.

Although technology touches every part of an organization, it doesn’t always mean that it’s connecting every part of an organization. Industry leaders are working to break down this fragmentation with more integrated workflows, cross-team visibility and organization-wide data sharing. This digital transformation allows businesses to create better customer experiences at every touch point with unprecedented speed and scale.

In fueling this transformation, Adobe has revealed three ways it’s helping organizations supercharge their digital marketing efforts: creating deeper ties between data and creative content; aligning sales, customer service and marketing teams; and enabling dynamic, programmatic advertising at scale.

Scaling Creative Content

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is meeting heightened consumer demand for creative and personalized content at every touch point with a brand. To help streamline this process, Adobe unveiled tighter integrations between its creative tools and digital marketing solutions to help organizations accelerate creative-to-marketing workflows.

Among these advancements are:

  • Common Asset Management Foundation: An upcoming version of Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise will enable users to work from the same asset management foundation as Adobe Marketing Cloud, enabling creative and marketing teams across global organizations to collaborate together more easily. In addition, the Assets core service will give teams the ability to simply sync, store and share content across both marketing solutions and the Creative Cloud.
  • Creative to Web and Mobile Automation: For the first time, brands will be able to convert Photoshop files, which they rely on to mock-up websites, directly into Web and mobile experiences. Not only will this help free developer time and resources, it will enable marketers to be more responsive to consumers with a faster creative delivery process.

These new capabilities give organizations the ability to create digital content with leading tools and then manage, deliver and optimize those assets and experiences more easily and quickly than ever before.

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Suresh Vittal
Vice President, Product Marketing & Strategy, Adobe Marketing Cloud. Suresh oversees product marketing and marketing strategy for the industry leading Adobe Marketing Cloud, and its six integrated solutions and core services. He is responsible for driving the strategic marketing efforts of Adobe’s Digital Marketing technologies, driving go-to-market initiatives for Adobe Primetime, Adobe Mobile and PhoneGap for Enterprise, Digital Publishing Suite, as well as the eight solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud.