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25 places to visit for 2015: Must-see travel destinations list

Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang
incredible Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang. Each of the thousands of warriors, created about 246 BC

If you’re making resolutions for 2015, and you are serious about getting more travel and adventure, here are some suggestions.

Fodor’s, has released its annual “must-see travel list” of the top 25 places to visit in 2015. THE ARCTIC – listed alongside GUATEMALA, THE SILK ROAD in CHINA, NAMIBIA, THE FLORIDA PANHANDLE and NEWFOUNDLAND in CANADA.

The publication also gives a shout out to PIEDMONT in ITALY and PATAGONIA in CHILE.  Other destinations on the list include ROMANIA, ICELAND, OMAN, BARBADOS, and PILSEN in CZECH REPUBLIC

Must-see travel destinations list:  25 places to visit for 2015 — this list is in no particular order.
1.The Arctic
Take a luxury cruise through waters few humans have ever seen.

2. The Hudson Valley and the Catskills
A relaxing (and affordable) alternative to New York City filled with world-class cuisine, outdoor adventures, and hipster charm.

3. Namibia
A safe desert haven in Southern Africa pairing sustainable tourism with community outreach.

4. Guatemala
Colorful colonial-era towns, thrilling landscapes, and mysterious ruins beckon.

5. The Florida Panhandle
Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the United States and refreshing Southern hospitality.

6. Newfoundland, Canada
Canada’s easternmost province has stark and beautiful landscapes, quaint lighthouses, incredible wildlife, and unparalleled hospitality.

7. Norway
Forget Frozen—this gorgeous Scandinavian country is a real-life wintry kingdom just waiting to be explored.

8. Piedmont, Italy
Medieval villages and hilly vineyards characterize this superb wine country.

9. Patagonia, Chile
This stunning region’s natural wonders have never been more accessible.

10. Romania
Towering castles, ancient abbeys, and walled villages make history come alive.

11. Oman
A tiny, unexplored country on Arabian Peninsula offering authentic culture, stunning natural beauty, and luxury hospitality.

12. Pilsen, Czech Republic
One of the biggest beer-making cities in the world is the 2015 European Capital of Culture.

13. Barbados
The Caribbean’s “most British” island is a sophisticated tropical paradise with a rich history, lodgings to suit every taste and budget, and plenty to pique your interest day and night.

14. Iceland
An other-worldly natural wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts, with great nightlife to boot.

15. Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne is stylish and funky, with stunning Victorian architecture, excellent regional wines, and a world-class dining scene.

16. Singapore
Asia’s cultural melting pot is in the midst of a construction boom—it’s no longer the island nation you thought you knew

17. Paris
The City of Light buzzes with new sights and luxury hotels.

18. Sri Lanka
A small country rich in beaches, heritage sites, and spicy curries welcomes tourists again

19. Cleveland
Rust Belt-chic town for art and culture vultures, basketball fans, and stalwart foodies.

20. Vietnam
Come for historic but fast-changing cities and stunning landscapes—and fabulous food.

21. Punta del Este, Uruguay
A flashy but affordable hotspot with some of South America’s best beaches.

22. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
New direct routes make getting to the country’s top ski resort a breeze.

23. Guadalupe Valley, Mexico
Responsible for some 90% of the Mexico’s wine production, Valle de Gaudalupe is a gorgeous valley covered with sprawling vineyards, farm-to-table restaurants, and boutique hotels.

24. Bourbon Country and Louisville, Kentucky
A wallet-friendly weekend getaway for bourbon lovers and dedicated foodies

Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang
Incredible Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang. Each of the thousands of warriors, created about 246 BC.

25. The Silk Road, China
Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and explore China’s oldest trade route and some of the country’s most dramatic sites and landscapes.

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