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Cities Where America’s Most And Least Attractive People Live: Rankings 2014

Eva Mendes

No one is perfect. But recently, a survey by Travel + Leisure magazine has revealed where America’s most and least attractive people live.

Unfortunately, Detroit claimed top honors for the America’s ugliest, while Miami is home to the highest percentage of good looking people. But that’s OK. Cheer up, Detroiters.

The website released a list of most and least attractive people in America based on their survey of readers. Readers believe Miami has the most attractive people in the country, followed by San Diego in the second and Charleston, SC in third spot.

They say people in Miami are tanned, rested and “blinged-out.”

As for the residents who were considered the least attractive, Detroit came in first, with Memphis and Oklahoma City tying for second place on the ugly list.

Where America’s most attractive people live?

No. 1: Miami

No. 2: San Diego

No. 3: Charleston, SC

No. 4: Los Angeles

No. 5 Providence, RI

No. 6 Minneapolis/St. Paul

No. 7 Nashville

No. 8 Atlanta

No. 9 Honolulu

No. 10 Tampa, FL

Where America’s least attractive people live?

No. 1 Detroit

No. 2 (tie) Memphis, TN

No. 2 (tie) Oklahoma City

No. 4 Baltimore

No. 5 Philadelphia

No. 6 Pittsburgh

No. 7 Cleveland

No. 8 Orlando, FL

No. 9 Louisville, KY

No. 10 Portland, ME

Disagree with these rankings? Tell us in the comments where you think the most or least attractive people are in America.

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