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4 Common Misconceptions About Cloud Technology

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These days, it seems everyone’s talking about “the cloud.” As consumers and businesses attempt to decipher what it means and what it does, there are many myths emerging that are quickly becoming seen as “fact.” Anyone can label himself a cloud expert and conduct a presentation defining the most exciting thing to happen to technology since the internet. It’s important that people learn to differentiate between fact and fiction as they learn about the cloud.

Consumers and business users aren’t the only ones who fail to grasp the concepts behind cloud computing. A recent survey found that even information technology professionals aren’t quite fully understanding what cloud technology can do. These four common misconceptions shed light on just how far the consumer market has to go before cloud technology enters mainstream consciousness.

#1 Cloud is New

Cloud computing is a concept, not a piece of software or hardware. It is the practice of using the internet to access applications and data on a third-party server, which makes the information accessible from any internet-connected device. Services like Gmail and Salesforce.com have provided cloud functionality for years. In fact, cloud technology actually dates back to the 60s.

#2 Cloud is Less Secure than On-Premise

While there will likely always be concerns about cloud technology, it is dangerous to assume on-premise solutions are safer. Quality cloud service providers are able to attract the best professionals in the industry, along with the best hardware and software to keep servers secure. Often cloud providers also can set up state-of-the-art data centers with disaster prevention procedures that exceed those a smaller business can afford. These features make cloud services a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

#3 Cloud is Expensive

With such big names as Amazon and Cisco providing cloud services to businesses, it’s easy to assume that access to such great technology must be expensive. But businesses of all sizes are learning that the cloud is more affordable over time than on-premise solutions. When compared to the cost of hardware and software replacement, full-time IT staff, and the assorted supporting costs that come with maintaining a data center and on-site equipment, the cloud rapidly shows a cost savings to many organizations.

#4 Cloud is Only for SMBs

Many cloud providers have plans for a variety of business sizes, with customized pricing available for large organizations. As cloud technology has evolved, however, businesses of all sizes are realizing the value offsite service providers can bring to their organizations. While cloud technology may have originally attracted small businesses, adoption has quickly spread among large enterprises, as well. By moving technology operations to an offsite provider, companies have found they’re able to turn their attention to business processes, boosting their bottom line while remaining secure and efficient.

Cloud education is in its infancy, but it’s important that as the technology continues to evolve, consumers have access to facts rather than fiction. By passing the word on these common myths, hopefully businesses will have the information they need to make the right decision on their technology solutions.


By, Kirill Bensonoff is the founding partner at ComputerSupport.com. He is responsible for delivering technology solutions, driving customer satisfaction, maintaining the culture of innovation as well as overseeing the strategic direction of the company and building business relationships. You can follow him on Linkedin and +KirillBensonoff.

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