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The 15 Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require Much Stress

Are you looking for highest-paying Job that don’t require much stress? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Information Network, there are a good variety of Jobs with perfect combination of high pay and low stress.

Still wondering What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s important to find a career that you love, these bobss span all kinds of industries, from education to IT to Engineering, but they have one thing in common — Don’t Require Much Stress!!!

The Stress tolerance is measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Information Network (O*NET), with lowers score indicating less stress on the job. Here are 15 Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require Much Stress:

15. Dental Hygienists ( Average annual salary: $70,210) – Perform General dentistry services, including the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and malformations of teeth, gums and related oral structures. Clean, fill, extract and replace teeth, using rotary and hand instruments, dental appliances, medications and surgical implements.
Stress tolerance: 71.3


14. Engineers ( Average salary annually: $92,030) Stress tolerance: 69.5

13. Technical Writers (Average annual salary: $65,500) – Requires BA/BS in technical field, manages and prepares technical manuals or product documentation for use by customers during installation, configuration, operation, maintenance and repair of products.
Stress tolerance: 69.3

12. Urban and Regional Planners (Average annual salary: $65,230) – Stress tolerance: 69
11. Art Directors ( Average annual salary: $80,880) –  Stress tolerance: 69

10. Audiologists (Average annual salary: $69,720) –  Stress tolerance: 67.5

9. Orthodontists (Average salary annually: $186,320) – Examine and treat oral cavity anomalies and dental malocclusions.
Stress tolerance: 67

8. Optometrists (Average annual salary: $97,820) – To examine patients having full range of visual problems, diagnose visual diseases, disorders, and deficiencies, and prescribe treatment as licensed and credited.
Stress tolerance: 65.5
7. Computer and Information Systems Managers (Average annual salary: $120,950) Stress tolerance: 64.3

6. Actuaries (Average annual salary: $93,680) – Bachelors degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, or equivalent work experience.  Responsibility for financial reporting as well as reserving functions including IBNR, PDR, and contract reserves, and for ensuring there is a qualified appointed actuary to offer a statement of opinion in connection with actuarial items included on the annual statement, and Provision of actuarial expertise in financial forecasting and budgeting.
Stress tolerance: 63.8

5. Economists (Average annual salary: $91,860) – Conduct analyses or studies on effects of different economic conditions, identify and evaluate economic trends and their prospective effect on the markets. Collaborate on product development, risk management, financial management and capital market projects and exercises with economic analysis and projections.
Stress tolerance: 63.3

4. Law teachers (Average annual salary: $99,950) Stress tolerance: 62.8

3. Astronomers (Average annual salary: $96,460) – with an exceptional research record in any field of observational or theoretical astronomy and planetary science, including those with a focus on instrumentation and computation. A Ph.D. or equivalent degree in astronomy, physics, or planetary science, and have postdoctoral experience demonstrating a distinguished record of independent research or technical innovation.
Stress tolerance: 62

2. Political Scientists (Average annual salary: $102,000) –  Political scientists study the origin, development, and analyze the structure and operation of political systems and trends.
Stress tolerance: 60.01

1. Mathematicians (Average annual salary: $101,360) – a very strong background in mathematics: excellent PhD or postdoctoral research experience (outstanding postgraduate Master’s degree or equivalent is the minimum educational requirement). A true capability in analysis, abstraction and mathematical formalization.
Stress tolerance: 57.3


Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj

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