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Why Athens, Greece Is The Most Attractive Startup Locale Of Europe?

A presocratic Greek philosopher of the late 6th century BCE, Heraclitus (Ἡράκλειτος ὁ Ἐφέσιος) said that “Big results require big ambitions.”

Centuries later, with the combination of three things — Athens’s IT services pedigree, diverse talent, and entrepreneurial culture —- the city can truly claim the title of “The Most Attractive Startup Locale Of Europe”.

In my personal opinion, the city attracts good talent because of great weather, and a cosmopolitan and welcoming culture. However, Athens’s startup ecosystem still has a long way to go to reach the standards of innovation and dynamism of, say, the Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, or London.

Regionally, Athens has to compete against other startup magnet cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris — to retain its standing as one of the Europe’s best hubs for ambitious and talented entrepreneurs though, more needs to do be done to encourage investment early on in the startup lifecycle.

As more successes emerge from Athens’s tech hub, many of these hurdles will likely be cleared. But for now, City has a whole lot of tech potential that makes it Europe’s fastest-growing tech cluster.

It’s difficult to find a reasonably accurate estimate of startups in Athens, Greece, take a look at the few innovative startups to watch out for:

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Workable  – Workable helps companies improve the quality and efficiency of their hiring by simplifying the most time-consuming task: browsing, screening and managing candidates.
Key contacts:
Nikos Moraitakis, CEO at Workable – @moraitakis
Spyros Magiatis, Founder & CTO – @smagiatis

TaxiBeat  – Taxibeat is a smartphone application that transforms the taxi-hailing process into a direct marketplace between taxi drivers and passengers. Taxibeat enables passengers to locate nearby taxi drivers and hail the driver they prefer, based on distance, user ratings, car model and on-board amenities, at no additional cost. This information is made available to the passenger through the app.
Key contacts:
Nick Drandakis, Founder of Taxibeat – @drandakis

Radiojar –  Radiojar replaces the usually challenging and expensive setup of hardware, software and operations needed to run an internet radio station with one simple and easy to use online service. We take care of all the technical complexities, leaving you free to indulge your passion for radio.
Key contacts:
Stathis Koutsogeorgos, Founder & CEO – @stathiskout
George Terezakis, Co-Founder – @gterez

Dopios  – dopios (“local” in Greek) is a community marketplace that connects travelers and locals around the world in order to offer tailor made travel experiences curated by locals as well as tips and insights. Be part of a big international community.
Key contacts: Alexandros Trimis, CEO & Co-Founder – @AlexTrimis.

Please let me know if you’re aware of any new start-ups in Athens, Greece.Email me at info@ceoworld.biz

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