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Top 10 Famous celebrities at Cannes Film Festival- CITIZEN CANNES

1) Jacques d’Azur (King of Cannes) – A French actor, born on 13 May 1939, his mother was a Belgian actress and his father a tennis instructor.  Jacques d’Azur was a French film producer/director/actor/tennis player/chess master/ backgammon champion/waterskiing pioneer and full time bon-vivant known for his work on the red carpets and swimming pools of the French Riviera. Jacques was born Jacques Cheval d’Azur in Cap d’Antibes, on the outskirts of Cannes, in France’s Cote d’Azur.

2) Gilles Jacob – A man who has spent more than half a century living and breathing world cinema – a passion which the press has acknowledged by giving him various nicknames such as ‘Monsieur Cinema’, ‘Mister Cinema’, or better still, ‘Citizen Cannes. Born in 1930 to middle-class Jewish entrepreneurs, he escaped the Nazi death camps by hiding out in a Catholic seminary — a story similar to that of Louis Malle’s “Au revoir les enfants” (clips of which are featured), and which Jacob admits gave him a paranoid sense of reality where “if everything’s going right, that means something’s going wrong.”

3) Catherine Deneuve – Gorgeous and aloof, Catherine Deneuve has been an icon of the French cinema since the 1960s. Born into a family of actors, she made her film debut as a teenager, and as she matured her cool blonde charms began to turn moviegoers’ heads. Although the elegant and always radiant Deneuve has never appeared on stage, she is universally hailed as one of the “grandes dames” of French cinema, joining a list that includes such illustrious talents as Simone Signoret, Jeanne Moreau, Isabelle Huppert, and the younger Juliette Binoche.

4) Juliette Binoche -Juliette Binoche was born on March 9, 1964 in Paris, France. She is a popular actress. Between 1994 and 1997 she had a relationship with Olivier Martinez. Now she is dating writer/director Santiago Amigorena. Besides the Oscar she won Prix Romy Schneider, European Film Award, Berlin International Film Festival Award, Cesar Award, British Academy Award or European Film Award. Binoche secured her first big screen appearance in Pascal Kané’s Algeria-themed ‘,Liberty Belle. At this point Binoche decided to pursue a career in cinema.

5) Gerard Depardieu– Gerard Depardieu was born on Monday, December 27, 1948 and he is a famous actor. Divorced from actress Elisabeth Depardieu (nee Guignot), who appeared with him in “Jean de Florette,” and father of actors Guillaume and Julie, Depardieu has been romantically involved with frequent co-star Carole Bouquet since the mid-90s, and couple became in engaged in 2003.

6) Lars von Trier– Born in Copenhagen, Lars von Trier’s fascination with film began when he was 15, making super 8 and 16mm films. Raised by his radical, nudist Communist parents in an unconventional environment where, as von Trier once put it, everything was permitted except “feelings, religion and enjoyment,” von Trier blossomed into a neurotic, left-wing, movie-loving youth. He plans to finish the film, called “Dimension”, in 2024 and doubtless, von Trier will have explored many more of the dimensions of cinema before it is completed.

7) Jean-Paul Belmondo– Jean-Paul Belmondo was born on Sunday, April 09, 1933 and is a famous actor. Jean-Paul dated Brigitte Bardot and amongst other famous relationships was Laura Antonelli. The actor developed into one of the key actors of the ‘New Wave’ and was a major international star by the early 1970s.

8) Isabelle Huppert– Isabelle Huppert became one of France’s busiest and most respected actresses in the late 20th century. She first gained fame in the 1974 sex farce Going Places as a ginger-haired teen seduced by Gerard Depardieu. She made her movie debut in 1971 and soon became one of the top actresses of her generation, giving fine performances in important films, like Claude Goretta’s Dentellière, La (1977), as a simple-minded girl who falls in love with – and is betrayed by – a student, Jean-Luc Godard’s Sauve qui peut (la vie) (1980), as a prostitute, and Maurice Pialat’s Loulou (1980), as an upper-class woman who is physically attracted by a young vagabond.

9) Quentin Tarantino – Born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, TN, Tarantino was raised solely by his mother, Connie, a former nurse and health care executive, after his father, Tony, a sometime actor, left the family before his son was born. Tarantino quit school at 17 to take acting classes and support himself with odd jobs. At 22 he found a second home of sorts at Video Archives in Manhattan Beach, where his voluminous knowledge of old movies finally began to come in handy.

10) Brigitte Bardot– Brigitte Bardot’s mother encouraged her, from a young age, to take up music and dance and, by age 15, she was modelling for Elle magazine. She was spotted by director Marc Allegret, who had earlier discovered the young Simone Simon. Briggite is married to a politician from a French extreme right party. She has a son, Ncholas Charrier.

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