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Robert A. Adelson is a corporate and tax attorney and partner in the Boston, MA law firm Engel & ShultzLLP. He represents C-suite and senior executives in employment, equity, severance and change of control agreements.
Robert Adelson, Esq.

Chances are that as a CEO or other senior executive you are currently subject to a non-compete agreement, one that includes restrictions on your ability to compete with your employer after separation. Non-competes are upheld to some extent in 47 states and the

As an executive, you know that compensation negotiations are serious business. Failure to exercise due care when establishing your executive compensation package may result in leaving money on the table, both presently and in the future. Generally speaking, when it comes

There are many circumstances under which your position as a CEO or senior executive can come to an end. These usually fall into one of two categories: either the employer is the moving party or you are. When negotiating employment contracts,

Despite significant advances in employment laws, gender inequality remains an area of both concern and controversy. Women continue to lag behind men, even at the CEO, C-suite and senior executive level, when it comes to compensation, opportunity for advancement, job

As a CEO or senior executive, you are intelligent, savvy and, above all, successful. Your talent, skills and accomplishments make you a desirable target by other businesses. From time to time, opportunities are presented to you and at some point you

For CEOs, C-Suite executives and other senior level executives, equity compensation is a key part and often the most important part of their compensation package. For many senior executives, equity means stock options or restricted stock. But in many circumstances

As a CEO, C-Suite or senior executive, you call the shots. You are paid to solve management, strategic and employment problems.  But what if your employer decides you have become the problem? What if someone else decides that your service

C-Suite and Key executives need proper retention agreements when your company is "in play" and an acquisition looms ahead You are a C-suite officer or senior executive and your company is facing an acquisition. How do you protect yourself or