Must-follow Twitter accounts in the world of Yachting, Sailing, and boating


Twitter can be a powerful tool. But it is only as good as people/accounts you follow. Here’s some of the must-follow Twitter accounts in the world of yachting, sailing, and boating, sure to liven up your feed.

To make this list (which, by the way, appears in no particular order), we went looking for feeds that offer a wide variety of general and ​specialist news and information about yacht charter, boating and sailing ideas.

Must-follow Twitter accounts in the world of Yachting, Sailing, and boating – We share the best of what we found below:

  1. CYachting
  2. SunsailUSA
  3. SuperYachtWorld
  4. Boatshop24UK
  5. sunseeker_intl
  6. BavariaYachtbau
  7. yachtingpages
  8. cruisingworld
  9. YachtingInsiders
  10. FairlineBoats
  11. FairlineBoats
  1. PrestigeYachts
  2. mbytimeinc
  3. SuperyachtWorld
  4. FerrettiGroup
  5. _PrincessYachts
  6. pmyacht
  7. Azimut_Yachts
  8. CYachting
  9. YachtingMag
  10. boatingmagazine
  11. MooringsYachts
  1. yachtingmonthly
  2. SailingWorldMag
  3. fraseryachts
  4. CYachting
  5. p_b_o
  6. boatint
  7. RYA
  8. ybw
  9. britishmarine
  10. SailWorldNews
  11. yachtingworld

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[Images: COSMOS Yachting]

If you know of any amazing Twitter accounts, please let us know in the comments!

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