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Ranked: Trendiest Countries in the World, 2024

According to the CEOWORLD magazine's annual ranking of the world's trendiest countries in 2024, France has been named the trendiest country. Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom followed France and Italy (No.2) in the rankings. Germany, the United States, Japan, Australia, and Switzerland made it to the top ten trendiest...
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AI and consciousness

We know that AI is constantly learning.  In his book Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World, Mo Gawdat, who has 30 years’ experience in cutting-edge tech, most recently as chief business officer at Google X, gives a vivid description of how AI...
Robert Sundelius
CEO Agenda

Revolutionizing Healthcare Governance: Empowering Board Members with Intelligent Assistants

The healthcare sector is undergoing a profound transformation. This transformation requires a parallel shift in governance models and strategies. The global healthcare sector faces unprecedented changes, necessitating a governance model that values human insight and cultivates strong relationships while embracing advancements in technology. In the evolving landscape of healthcare governance,...
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Richest People in Israel, 2024

As of 5 April 2024, Eyal Ofer was estimated as the wealthiest person in Israel, with a net worth of around $24.2 billion, followed by Idan Ofer (No. 2, $18.0 billion), Igor Bukhman (No. 3, $9.0 billion); and Dmitri Bukhman (No. 4, $9.0 billion). Teddy Sagi is the fifth-richest person...
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