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Top Benefits Of Standing Desks

Have you ever thought about upgrading your office? If so, you’ll find that your options are plentiful. There are numerous ways to enhance your office, but some techniques are going to be more fruitful than others. To enhance your office, you should start by focusing on your desk. Choosing a...
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The Champions’ Curse: Losing foresight

Champions’ are cursed!! Opine others when a champion falter? What went wrong? Was it lackadaisical in future readiness or an organizational learning or both or did they lack the strategic foresight altogether? What unique management lessons can be culled out from these ‘champions’ curse’ for CEO’s? Kodak: This ground-breaking photography-based...
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What it takes to be a transformative leader

There is no business transformation without the transformation of its leaders. Far too many transformational efforts don’t deliver on its high ambitions. Instead of realising step-change improvements, they often lead to incremental change. Through sports, I experienced what it took to realise step-change improvements. To tap into unknown opportunities, I...
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