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Karim Harbott
Business Transformation

How Agility has Moved Outside the IT Industry and is Shaping Top Companies Around the World

For many, mentioning the word agile conjures up images of software engineers, stickie notes, and bizarre ceremonies. It is easy to dismiss the movement as being applicable to only a small part of the organization, typically IT. Many are surprised to hear that business agility has become a key competitive...
Desktop- as-a-Service (DaaS)
Big Picture

DaaS: Try DIY or Pass & Choose SaaS?

Last year may be in the rearview, but it’s a year that has permanently changed the way we work, to say the least. Even companies that decide to return to in-person work aren’t likely to completely go back to pre-2020 structure. What’s likely is that many companies will have at...
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Building a Stellar Board for Your Business…

Recently, one of the leading think tanks conducted an intensive survey and discovered that the top five corporate risks are HIPPA connected. These concern areas include Cyber, Culture, Privacy/Identity, Information/Technology, and Crises Response Process. Navigating this dangerous terrain requires that your C-Suite and your Board work in concert, which is...
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