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Angie Morgan
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Five Ways to Build the Risk-Takers in Your Business

Does the play-it-safe mentality run rampant in your organization?  Are the “innovative” ideas really just retreads of past decisions that led to lackluster results? While it’s easy to blame individual leaders for their un-inspired initiatives, maybe there’s another culprit.  Maybe your business lacks a risk-taking mindset. Too often in business,...
Dr. Adam C. Bandelli
Chief Executive Insights

Watch Out for Interpersonal Blind Spots: What Relationally Intelligent CEOs and their Employees Need and What They Must Avoid

When it comes building strong interpersonal relationships at work, it’s important to remember that relationships are a two-way street. There are roles that employers must play and roles that employees must play. As employers, CEOs and senior executives need to put people and culture first. They must be intentional about...
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