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Mykonos, Greece
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Expat Facebook Groups in Greece (Athens) You Should Join TODAY

From finding an apartment, finding your new network of friends, daily life questions, or simply staying updated on what’s happening the expat community, Facebook groups are very useful wherever you go in the world. These groups are also a hub for local Greeks interested in mingling with the expat community....
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Sachin Bansal Chief Explorer®, India City Walks on Experiential Delivery in Tourism (EDIT)™Supporting communities in Travel

Dr. Sachin Bansal, Chief Explorer of India City Walks (ICW®) is a creative and passionate entrepreneur in the tourism industry. He is recognized as the pioneer in the curation & delivery of city sightseeing products. His incubation platform SUSTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS CHAMPIONING HERITAGE INDUCED NETWORK™ creates regeneration of the tourism economy....
C-Suite Agenda

Clarity. Victory. Celebration.

Three personal stories. Three takeaways. Clarity To make a long (painful) story short, I typically ran the mile in junior high school. At the last meet of the year in 1975, however, I was asked to fill in as the third leg on our undefeated one-mile relay team.  No problem,...
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