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Adaptability and Why Frameworks Beat Formulas

In today’s world, we place a premium on adaptability. Whether in the boardroom or on the football field, we are challenged to adapt to difficult conditions or try something new to respond to the unexpected. During this year’s NFC playoffs, the 49ers overcome the bitter cold at Lambeau Field to...
Wealth Management

Sweating the Small Stuff

Whenever I coach leaders on communication, I invariably recommend that they tell the end of the story first. The end of my story is: Think about the messages you give to your team and your organization through small, day-to-day actions; they are much more impactful than the big events and...
Big Picture

Why consultancy matters – A historical perspective

Management consultancy has often been a target of criticism, with popular brickbats including eye-watering fees, huge contracts, secretive ways of working and an apparent ability to make money out of any crisis. However, most decision-makers and executives recognize the value that the best management consultants provide, and the industry continues...
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