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Dr. Darwin Hale
Business Transformation

Veteran & CEO Profile: Dr. Darwin Hale’s Mission to Educate People to Make Empowered Healthcare Decisions

As an entrepreneur, decorated officer, and veteran of the United States Army Reserves, Dr. Darwin Hale’s mission goes far beyond the battlefield. His company, Advocate Health Advisors, is a national field marketing organization (FMO) in the Medicare market. The company's mission is to help older Americans navigate the complex healthcare...
C-Suite Agenda

Reinventing the CEO

The employer-employee relationship has undergone a dramatic turn during the pandemic. Organizations are struggling to retain top talent, which is largely triggered by the Great Resignation as top candidates want to work on their own terms. While employees are aspiring to work for a purpose-led organization, and want to add...
Ingrid Maynard
Big Picture

Culture in a Pressurised World

Business leaders are today facing pressure from all angles, from hybrid workforces, ongoing disruptions due to resignations, the impact of ‘quiet quitting’, the inability to recruit talent as skills shortages grow, to cost pressures as the globe is crippled by inflation as fears of a global recession grows.  Given this...
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