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Jane Marsh
The Challengers

How Executives Need to Prepare for Rising ESG Demand

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a hot-ticket item in the business world as more executives seek ways to adhere to rising ESG demands. To increase ESG funding amid inflation and market uncertainty, companies face stringent disclosure requirements to demonstrate their commitments. The time for executives to prepare for ESG...
C-Suite Agenda

CEOs: Listen to This!

There's no shortage of content when it comes to how CEOs can lead stronger organizations. Whether it's a blog post, magazine article, podcast, or TED Talk, insights that will help you grow your business abound. Determining what information is worth your time is another matter.  During the pandemic, I got...
Steve McKnight
Big Picture

The Recipe for Getting Rich

It turns out there is a recipe for getting rich. Even better, it’s straightforward to understand as there are only three ingredients: savings, return and time.  Here’s how it works. Savings You won’t get rich by saving, but you can’t get rich without saving. Your savings are what’s left over...
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