Critical thinking

Elisa A. Schmitz
Critical thinking

The No. 1 Leadership Skill You Need Today Is Not What You May Think

Rollercoaster markets. Regulatory uncertainty. Supply chain challenges. Inflation pressures. Recession fears. Employee turnover. The Great Resignation. Quiet quitting. “Return to office” reluctance. Work-life balance. A few of the issues that are loading today’s business marketplace with chaos.  Add to the mix people’s personal challenges brought on by racism, ageism, sexism,...
Critical thinking

Three Words for 2023

Last year, I reconnected with an annual practice I learned from Chris Brogan many years ago called My Three Words. Chris describes the practice as a simple idea: Choose three words (not 1, not 4) to help guide your daily choices and actions.  Your three words should come from a...
Michael Glauser
Critical thinking

Overcoming Our Biases at Work

All of us have biases, they are part of being human, We develop attitudes toward people, groups, things, places, and experiences. These attitudes become biases when we show prejudice for specific individuals or groups based on incomplete or inaccurate information. What happens is we see superficial cues like race, color,...
Critical thinking

Generation Why

There's been a great deal of conversation lately about the existence of five generations in today’s workplace. This reality is an opportunity that leaders everywhere should embrace. Being a Boomer, I marvel at Gen Y and Gen Z and their healthy perspective on relationships, taking the long view, and valuing...
Critical thinking

Setting The Standard

In the best-selling book Good to Great, Jim Collins stated, “Good is the enemy of great.” He explained, for example, that we don’t have great schools because we have good schools - suggesting good enough is often good enough. Contrast Collins’ explanation of good being the enemy of great with the...
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