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Special Reports

Daring or Caring: Countries and Territories Without Standing Military Forces

In a world often marked by geopolitical tensions and military conflicts, the concept of countries without a standing military force might appear unusual, even vulnerable. However, many nations have adopted a non-military approach to national defense, relying on alternative means and international alliances to safeguard their sovereignty. This intriguing phenomenon...
Special Reports

A Business’s Journey to Becoming a Contemporary Sustainable and Community-Driven Organization of the Earth

Given that I have been in the field of Strategic Communication since 1995, I have seen first-hand how dedicated sustainability efforts can drive long-term value creation and positively impact communities. This journey of continuous improvement has yielded immense benefits for both the environment and diverse stakeholders. I wrote this article...
Dave Brailsford
Special Reports

There’s No AI in Team?

The headline should conjure memories of the well-known expression, “There’s no I in team.” While we all understand, literally speaking, that there is no letter I in the word team, it refers to the notion that it’s about the team, not the individual. In an interview regarding his role as...
Beirut Lebanon
Special Reports

Global Success: The Case of Lebanese Superclans

Phoenician Legacy: For the past thirty or so years, headlines concerning Lebanon have more often than not been occupied by the tragic, the unsettling, and what may be euphemistically described as the concerning. More recently, Lebanon's ongoing economic crisis and political turmoil have put the worse front and center: GDP declined by 21% in 2020...
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