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Scott Schoeneberger

Scott Schoeneberger

Scott Schoeneberger is the managing partner at Bluewater Technologies, a design-forward technology company that empowers leaders and organizations with capabilities that amplify their stories to leave a lasting impact. Scott is a regular contributor to the CEOWORLD magazine.
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How Unique Activations Create Unforgettable Corporate Events

Brands are starting to recognize that corporate events must be more desirable (and ultimately more eye-catching) to attract attendees. Thus, they’re embracing unique activations, a form of experiential marketing that focuses on consumer engagement. But with brands constantly raising the bar, others must navigate all the technical ways to enhance the attendee...
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3 Ways To Enable The Modern Workplace To Boost Employee Engagement

The modern workplace is more than just a place to conduct business. It’s become a community where shared experiences and technology do everything from driving day-to-day operations to creating a desirable culture. Cultivating a modern workplace that enables people to work efficiently and draws people in with a compelling aura is critical...