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Sami Kallio

Sami Kallio

Sami Kallio, Chief Executive Officer at HappySignals Ltd. HappySignals is an Employee Experience Management Platform for IT that makes experience data visible, understandable, and connected to operational data in IT, enabling enterprises to change their culture to be more open, outcome-focused, and data-driven.

Sami Kallio is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
The Global IT Experience Benchmark
Executive Insider

What Happens If You Neglect Experience Management?

2022 was the year that corporate interest in employee experience really took off. A decade after the need for customer experience (CX) became mainstream, organizations became increasingly focused on what some consider “CX for employees.” Even Forrester Research, one of the early champions of the importance of CX, stated that...
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CEO Insider

How IT Experience Data Drives Improvement

In the Digital Age, businesses run on technology, especially information technology (IT), we’re always looking to find areas for improvement and increased efficiency. How do we find them? One way – the way IT has done it historically – is to wait for a complaint or request from someone connected...