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Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton, author of ‘Impact: 10 Ways to Level up your Leadership’ ($29.95), is a Leadership and Talent Expert and founder of BoldHR. Rebecca builds B-Suite leaders with C-Suite impact by working at an organisational, team and individual level. Her passion is helping to evolve how leaders think, take action and relate to others, working with leaders and leadership teams to achieve greater impact.

Rebecca Houghton is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.
Rebecca Houghton
CEO Insider

How to prevent your middle level leaders from burnout

A strong middle manager is 5x more likely to prevent employee burnout than a mediocre one.  In fact, research tells us that your manager has almost twice the impact on your mental well-being than a healthcare professional does.  So the role they play in ensuring the well-being of our workforces...
Rebecca Houghton
CEO Journal

What does employee empowerment really mean?

Empowerment is not just delegation (which is really the act of acting on your behalf), nor is it working with you on something (that’s collaboration), nor being supervised (that’s training), nor being told to own your decisions (that’s accountability).   True empowerment literally means you have to give some of your...
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