Heena Mansuri

Heena Mansuri

Heena Mansuri, Travel and Fashion reporter at the Lifestyle Desk for CEOWORLD magazine. She covers luxury travel and fashion.
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10 fascinating things you should know about the Pantheon Rome

Even after getting millions of tourists per year there are yet a lot of things that visitors don’t know about the architecture, history, and art of the Pantheon. It is considered as the Eternal City’s most stunning ancient temple. So let’s find out 10 most fascinating things about one of...
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Top 4 Comfortable Airport Outfits For Efficient Travel

If you’ve at any point googled “airport outfits,” you’ve no uncertainty been bombarded with celebrities pictures strutting through security in their leather pants, high heels, and cool shirts. But is that practical? Think about it: These celebs are in all likelihood flying via private plane or being escorted quickly to...
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