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Top 6 Best European Cities For Tech Jobs

Ah, Europe. The continent has a large portion of the world’s best cities when it comes to big career opportunities; however, the list of cities is always evolving. When one place booms, another dwindles. Europe had 41 tech unicorns and that a few areas such as the Benelux region, the Nordics and the Baltic countries, generate 8% of GDP from information technology.\, accordin to the the CEOWORLD magazine.

Switzerland based Roivant Sciences ($7 billion) was the most valued unicorn in Europe. Following Roivant Sciences, Auto1 Group ($3.54 billion, Germany), Otto Bock HealthCare ($3.5 billion, Germany), BGL Group ($3 billion, United Kingdom), and N26 ($2.7 billion, Germany) were the top five most valuable unicorns in Europe.

Here are 6 growing tech cities you may consider if you’re looking for a job in Europe! Start looking at these options…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here’s another amazing tech city – Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is chock-full of career opportunities. In 2017, Hubspot announced that Amsterdam was the best tech city in Europe to work in, by considering things like salaries, broadband speeds, and living standards. Hubspot likewise surveyed around 500 Amsterdammers about their tech scene and 91% of individuals said they trusted that organizations can become successful there. With more than 180 different nationalities, the vibes are incredibly amazing. The center is additionally a reasonably vehicle-free affair, and you’ll discover more than 400 km of cycle lanes through the city.

London, United kingdom

Home to the Rolling Stones, Big Ben, baked beans and Simon Cowell, London rarely needs an introduction. What’s more, London’s tech venture capital investment reached around £2.99bn in 2017 which is four times more than Paris, and double the amount was invested in the UK capital back in 2016.

London, United Kingdom

Eindhoven, Netherlands

If you’re moving because of the tech then Eindhoven is for you. This Dutch city is simply situated in the south of the Netherlands. It is Europe’s most energizing and fast-growing tech hotspots. Long ago in 2013, Forbes described Eindhoven as “the most inventive city in the world” and in 2017 it was declared Dispatches as the best city in Europe for experts.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is rated on the planet for highest personal safety. It was Finnish second city – Espoo filled in as the nation’s tech hub for a long time and a home to mobile phone monster Nokia. As the Nokia star blurred in the shine of Apple’s iPhone, Helsinki came in light for amazingly effective mobile games developers, including Supercell (Clash Royale, Clash of Clans) and Rovio (of Angry Birds game). Amusingly, the two organizations made their money by grasping the early smartphone revolution driven by Nokia, Samsung, and Apple.

Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the fastest-growing capital city in Europe – Stockholm. Stockholm is creating employment opportunities and drawing investment at a genuinely noteworthy rate. As indicated by the Milken Institute’s ‘Best-Performing Cities Europe Index’, Stockholm ranked second, directly after London. The winters might be bitterly cold over there, but the people in Stockholm have got things pretty good. For one, they’ve absolutely balanced their work-life; most people get at least 5 weeks of vacation each year, and parents get 480 days of leave to share between them. The city itself is wonderful and you’ll begin to look all starry-eyed at the espresso and cake-based interest that is fika.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been on a great journey in recent years. Hit hard by the worldwide recession of 2008, it got a shocking $85 billion bailout by the EU. It’s murmuring with brilliant entrepreneurs and a perpetual stream of tech startups. In 2016, the huge annual Web Summit conference shifted from Dublin to Lisbon, and this told the world that Lisbon was the most growing place for new businesses to be. And, no one complained; the living expenses are very cheap, the food is marvelous and the climate’s warm. The Financial Times think the Lisbon economy is developing at its fastest rate since 2000 and no one’s complained when things are going to calm down again.

Next Steps:

Ideally somewhere around one of these places has motivated you. Whether you need a wild city in Northern Europe or a modern city down in the South, we’ve covered everything for you. Technology is changing day-by-day and the employment opportunities related to this field will always increase. So, what are you looking for? Start looking out your next Tech job in any of these cities.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Top 6 Best European Cities For Tech Jobs
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