Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Greg Kahn

Greg Kahn

Greg Kahn is president and CEO of the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) and one of the most connected and engaged members of the Internet of Things (IoT) community. At the helm of IoTC NEXT: The Connected Future Summit, a first-of-its-kind industry event launched in 2019 in New York City, he is uniting foremost brand executives, leading technologists, investors and top media to address the challenges of a connected world. Greg Kahn is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. He can be found on Linkedin.
Executive Insider

The Future of Mobility is in Our Hands

Pre-COVID-19, electric bikes, ride-sharing services, and mass transportation ridership were on the rise, with smart mobility gaining attention as a revolutionary way of moving from destination to destination efficiently—one that is cleaner and safer. Hedges & Company reported that in the U.S. alone there were 284.5 million registered vehicles in...
Greg Kahn
CEO Insider

Thoughts on Leadership in an IoT-driven World

I am not convinced that every CEO sets out—with intention—to become a leader. I am convinced, however, that those with passion, a clear vision and the ability to inspire, inform and initiate action eventually and naturally reach a gratifying summit. Prior to founding the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), I...