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Dr. Eric Wu

Dr. Eric Wu

Dr. Eric Wu is founder of the training company, Guang Yao Cultural & Educational Institute in Beijing and Xi'an, China. The firm extracts the essence of Chinese traditional culture and brings it to the modern world. Wu is a popular speaker worldwide. Geshe Michael Roach is the first westerner of Sera Mey Tibetan Monastic University to be awarded the degree of Geshe, or “Master of Philosophy.” His Diamond Cutter Management Training Institute (DCI) provides management and personal success training in more than 20 countries, and his previous book, The Diamond Cutter, is an international business bestseller. Wu and Roach’s new book, China Love You: The Death of Global Competition (Diamond Cutter Press, June 7, 2022), offers revolutionary solutions for cross-cultural cooperation.

Dr. Eric Wu is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Executive Insider

Creating a New Mindset that Puts Global Needs at the Forefront

We face enormous existential threats in our world today that make for a bleak future unless we take swift action. But how do we as individuals and a global society address the monumental issues of a pandemic, climate change, famine, and now a war that negates our previous world order?...