Anna Papadopoulos

Anna Papadopoulos

Vice President & Executive Editor. Anna Papadopoulos is the Vice President and Executive Editor of the CEOWORLD magazine. In that role she resumes responsibility for the CEOWORLD magazine newsroom, setting daily news priorities, and directing all of CEOWORLD magazine's news-gathering teams. Previously, Anna was the senior supervising editor of CEOWORLD magazine's International Desk. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or connect on LinkedIn. Email her at
Business Travel

Best of Canary Islands For Every Holidaymaker

Seeking a holiday destination that’s worth every bit of your time? An abode in Canary Islands is what you should be looking for, as it will offer you the best of the Spanish Archipelago situated just Northwest of Africa. With their extraordinary appeal, these little islands cater to holidaymakers of...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Sergey Karshkov and 9 Pandas

9 Pandas is a full-service advertising agency that helps clients develop marketing strategies and activate partnership agreements, as well as assisting with the formulation of slogans, naming, scripts and creative content. As a market-leading advertising agency, 9 Pandas offers a fully integrated solution to meet its clients’ marketing needs. It...
C-Suite Lifestyle

Best Smartwatches For CEOs

Smartwatches are the next big thing as essential for everyone. Whilst one looks for a smartwatch there are specific features that they look for few of which are operating system, battery life, LTE connectivity, design, quality, and most importantly the price. There are many options available in the market from...
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