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Aastha Maheshwari

Aastha Maheshwari

Aastha Maheshwari, Staff Writer for the CEOWORLD magazine. Aastha has a decade of experience as a journalist and editor working for various magazines, newspapers, and digital publications and is now a Staff Writer at The CEOWORLD magazine. She is passionate about disrupting the status quo and unlocking the business value to create sustainable results. She specialized in reporting on both local and world news, as well as interviewing well-known business leaders, senior management executives, investors, and high net worth individuals. She can be reached on email
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Your City Guide To The Singapore

The Lion City is everyone’s dream destination. This affordable cosmopolitan city is magnetizing more number of tourists every year. This city serves everyone everything from roaming attractions to a wide variety of restaurants, from nightlife options to glorious gardens, varying from budgeted ones to high rolling cost. A few of...
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Most Difficult Trek In The World

Trek or Trekking is an enjoyable walking experience, where you can take multi-day expeditions while enjoying scenes of rural areas, rugged hills and areas, valleys and forts. Some of the most difficult trek in the world: Bandiagara Cliffs (Dogon Country), Mali Land of Dogan people is one of Africa's most...
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5 Best Amusement Park In The World

Whether it is a child, an adult, or a teenager, where anyone feels the memories of their childhood again and experiences fun, is an amusement park. An ideal mix between nature, wildlife, waterfall, shopping, luxury, and some of the best entertainment parks in the world, fun, entertainment, and adventure, which...
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