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Lakkidi- A Haven in Rainforests of India

Lakkidi Wayanad Kerala

A life beyond your imagination; a life ahead of your urban settlements awaits you on the Deccan plateau of India. Situated in dense forests where sunlight struggles to reach and humans are allowed only in a restricted manner. Talking about Lakkidi, a gem in the rainforests of India..!

Lakkidi in Kerala state of India has the country’s most dense evergreen rainforest cover and is known for its unique ecosystem. Rich in flora and fauna, Lakkidi exposes you to an extreme side of life. When you embrace the silence, you hear the whistling woods and Cicadas calling for mates. 

Aastha Maheshwari

Best time to visit Lakkidi- October to May. You can reach here from Kozhikode Airport or Bengaluru International Airport or take a train from Kozhikode Railway Station.    

Aastha Maheshwari

Here is what you experience at Lakkidi: 

Endemic Species: From the Giant Malabar Squirrel to Red Viper Snakes, Yellow Moth to Torrent Frogs, and Great Hornbill to Yellow-browed Bulbul; you will get to see numerous endemic species in this district. With every step you take in this forest, you will find some wonder waiting for you! If you’re traveling with kids, this will be an experiential holiday and this jungle will teach them more than any textbook can.  

Lakkidi Wayanad Kerala

Forest Life: Lakkidi has the typical moist and dry deciduous forest abundant in medicinal and tall trees of teak, eucalyptus, and silver oak. You will experience the best of rainforest life here. For nature enthusiasts, this is an ideal learning opportunity. If you love collecting dry leaves and flowers, look around and you’ll find numerous collectibles. 

Uncertain Rainfall: Life in a forest is very uncertain, especially the rainforests! It can rain anytime and you’ll get to witness the foggy and misty weather. Imagine waking up to misty mornings with a cup of locally grown coffee. Yes, this region has the best coffee estates for you to savor single-estate filter coffee. 

Local Delicacies: Apart from coffee, you can relish black chickpea curry with Malabar flatbread (parotta). Locals here make scrumptious dishes with beef, pork, chicken, and mutton using locally grown spices. If you sign up for a morning hike, you will find black pepper and cardamom trees. If you visit this paradise during custard apple and avocado season, you can pluck fresh fruits and enjoy them with breakfast.      

Food Lakkidi Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad Wild by CGH Earth Experience: Wayanad Wild by CGH Resort offers a range of activities for its guests. It has its own forest within the premise where you can see white monkeys and squirrels playing and hanging around. The restaurant has a stream flowing by its side, all your meals will be served in this open setting. They serve Pathumukam (Sandalwood) water to their guests, it is a natural drink with medicinal properties. CGH Earth gives you a holistic vacation experience with its unique blend of luxury, warm hospitality, and picturesque location. 

Lakkidi is heaven in the hinterlands of Kerala, India, where a life away from your usual urban life awaits you. Spend a few days in this dense forest and takeaway a dose of rejuvenation and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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