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PR for CEOs is Critical for Brand Success: Top PR Firms for CEOs

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PR for CEOs requires getting a brand’s story told at the right time, in the right place, and to the right audience. While executives do what they do best to scale their companies, ongoing, strategic, and impactful PR maintains control of the brand’s narrative. Here are ten top PR agencies providing media relations, content, digital marketing, branding, and messaging services that can propel CEOs to the forefront of their industries.

Firm offering PR for CEOs

  1. Otter Public Relations
    Scott Bartnick and Dr. Jay Feldman co-founded Otter PR in 2019. This award-winning agency’s fresh approach to PR for CEOs catapulted the firm to the top of the PR field.  Otter PR works with clients in virtually every industry, offering media relations, reputation management, and crisis management. Using outreach, trends, and relationships, Otter PR’s proprietary OTR strategy ensures success for executives in a wide range of fields, including business, finance, technology, beauty, food and beverage, health and wellness, entertainment, legal, and more.

    Otter PR’s approximately 40 publicists, writers, and editors work together to achieve one goal: fantastic media coverage for each and every CEO. By providing highly skilled, individualized public relations experts and first-rate PR for CEOs, Otter confidently guarantees and delivers results.

    In 2022, Big Awards for Business recognized Otter as Company of the Year, and O’Dwyers dubbed it the fastest-growing PR business in the United States. That same year, the PR agency also won UpCity’s Best of Florida Award, the Manifest Global Award for Public Relations, and joined the renowned Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnel.

    Otter PR is dedicated to offering cutting-edge strategies and innovative PR ideas that set CEOs apart. Their approach to thought leadership can help businesses and their leaders build credibility and trust, as well as help them define their personal brand. To learn more about how this team guarantees results, shakes things up, and brings CEOs’ stories to the right audiences, executives can visit

  2. LaunchSquad
    Jason Mandell, Jesse Odell, and Brett Weiner serve as partners of this distinguished public relations and creative communications agency. Established in 2000, this PR firm employs a wide range of creative professionals, including writers, artists, strategists, and analysts.

    LaunchSquad collaborates with CEOs to develop effective, bespoke PR programs that meet their specific requirements and have a long-lasting effect. From healthcare and energy to artificial intelligence and retail to cybersecurity and biotech, the agency features PR for powerful CEOs who are disrupting their industries or creating entirely new sectors.

    LaunchSquad’s efforts revolve around storytelling. The team knows how to build brand narratives in ways that get noticed, foster long-term loyalty, dispel misconceptions, and produce cutting-edge industry leaders.

    LaunchSquad provides insight in PR for CEOs in traditional media relations, content strategy, video/design production, social media management, live/virtual experiences, crisis communications, and influencer media programs. They monitor, analyze, and optimize every campaign to deliver the highest possible impact, yields, and outcomes. Executives can visit to learn more.

  3. APCO Worldwide
    APCO Worldwide is led by Brad Staples, CEO, and Margery Kraus, founder and executive chairman. This cutting-edge communications advising firm works with prominent businesses and government agencies. The team’s expert PR for CEOs equips them to become agents of change, face present challenges, act with agility, anticipate social risk, and construct the reputations, relationships, and solutions their organizations need to thrive and speak to consumers.

    APCO takes great pride in its status as a privately held, gender-balanced company. Clients use the company as a reliable resource for foreseeing, organizing, carrying out, and safeguarding their futures.

    This majority women-owned and independent organization partners with progressive executives to anticipate and strategize for the future. APCO’s experience enables it to serve CEOs in any industry worldwide.

    Boards of directors, chief executive officers, and other members of the executive suite benefit from the APCO group’s insightful advice and dynamic programming concerning political, social, and business issues. The firm’s excellence in communications, public affairs, government relations, legal, risk, organizational change, international relations, corporate responsibility, and brand marketing allows it to satisfy the ever-changing needs of CEOs and their teams. Executives can learn more by visiting

  4. BackBay Communications
    BackBay supports businesses around the world from its two locations in North America and Europe. This public relations agency uses international affiliates to provide stellar PR for CEOs.

    BackBay Communications is a full-service PR, content, and digital marketing agency for the banking and financial services industries. The firm’s areas of expertise include private equity, venture capital, asset management, fintech, and impact investing.

    BackBay uses a brand-centric, content-driven strategy to create and implement integrated communications programs for leading executives in financial services companies. These programs include marketing strategy, content creation, media relations, brand research and message development, creative design, and multi-channel distribution of company news and perspectives. This PR increases CEOs’ authority, visibility, and revenue.

    Since its inception in 2005, BackBay has specialized in the financial services industry, giving it deep knowledge of the field and excellent connections within the business and financial press. Senior team members at BackBay are assigned to each CEO PR account to ensure personalized service with tangible outcomes.

    O’Dwyer’s named BackBay the top public relations firm in Boston in the financial services category. In addition, when it comes to private equity, The Deal regularly ranks BackBay as a top 10 global PR Agency. For CEO PR in the financial sector, executives can contact them at

  5. 5WPR
    5WPR’s co-chief executive officers are Matt Caiola and Dara Busch. This New York City-based company offers a wide range of services and is well-known for its innovative approaches to interacting with companies, social issues, and intellectual pursuits.

    More than 300 experts collaborate on 5WPR’s team. Together, they specialize in B2C and B2B communications, reputation management, public affairs, crisis communications, and digital marketing PR for CEOs in sectors such as beauty, fashion, entertainment, wellness, travel, hospitality, technology, and nonprofits.

    Twenty years after its founding by Ronn Torossian, the public relations firm 5W has been recognized as one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces 2022 and as the PR Agency of the Year for 2020. To learn more about this firm’s winning PR for CEOs, executives can visit

  6. The Bliss Group
    Courtney Stapleton is CEO of The Bliss Group. This New York City-based marketing communications firm combines data analytics and expert storytelling to reach target demographics with empathy and precision.

    The Bliss Group’s track record of success spans the healthcare, financial, technology, business, and professional services industries. This agency uses statistics, proprietary algorithms, and cutting-edge media models to craft stories and personalized PR for CEOs across platforms. Its groundbreaking storytelling technique moves audiences to take action.

    The Bliss Group provides CEO PR across a full suite of services, including data-informed paid advertising, crisis and issues management, software solutions, and integrated earned media. This firm is known for its long-lasting dedication and enduring connections. On average, clients maintain partnerships with Bliss for eight years or more. Executives can visit to learn more.

  7. 360PR+
    360PR+ is a public relations firm headquartered in New York City, under the direction of Managing Director Ali Kavulich and CEO Laura Tomasetti. This firm is committed to providing CEOs with the PR knowledge, essential resources, tools, and adaptability they need to succeed in today’s ever-shifting market.

    360PR+ wins accolades for campaigns and makes headlines for CEOs of large corporations, international companies, and innovative startups.

    The firm’s expertise in PR for CEOs extends to industries such as automotive, B2B services, clean energy, consumer electronics, entertainment, fashion, beauty, financial services, food and beverage, health, home furnishings, family life, publishing, retail, franchise, spirits, leisure, and travel. This firm is a full-service PR partner, offering brand strategy, celebrity engagements, content creation, corporate communications, digital marketing, earned media, events, executive thought leadership, influencer marketing, issues preparedness, research, social media strategy, and spokesperson training.

    To find out how this certified women-owned business with a global presence and access to specialist resources in more than one hundred cities worldwide is revolutionizing PR for CEOs, executives can check out

  8. Bospar
    This public relations agency is led by Chris Boehlke, Curtis Sparrer, and Tom Carpenter. It has offices in major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Austin.

    Bospar believes CEOs are tired of reading the same basic agency descriptions over and over. This agency wants to talk about the one thing with true value: results.

    Among Fortune’s list of Most Innovative Companies, Bospar is the only PR agency to make the cut. The company was recognized as one of the “Brands That Matter” by Fast Company and one of America’s 500 Fastest-Growing Companies by Financial Times. PRWeek awarded the firm with recognition for “Best Consumer Launch” and “Best Promotional Event.” Bospar acquires game-changing media coverage and PR for CEOs. For more information, executives can visit

  9. Akrete
    Margy Sweeney started Akrete and serves as its CEO. This company has a laser-like concentration on the sectors it serves, and is well-known as an industry leader in the PR space, helping businesses navigate the complex media landscape.

    Akrete provides top-notch PR for CEOs in financial services, real estate, professional services, and cannabis manufacturers. When it comes to connecting investors, customers, and company leaders, this PR firm knows the business lingo that brings everyone to the table.

    The 25+ senior storytellers on Team Akrete can tackle any topic and vision. They deliver high-energy, thought-leadership-focused campaigns on time and under budget. Never settling for weak content, they bring concepts to life and connect CEOs to other thought leaders and influential people in their fields. CEOs interested in learning more about this agency’s content-driven PR for CEOs can visit

  10. Boardroom Communications Inc.
    Julie Talenfeld is President of this PR firm, which has offices across the state of Florida. With a team of expert journalists, marketing professionals, and multimedia specialists, Boardroom Communications is a comprehensive public relations and integrated marketing organization. The firm’s innovative strategies give CEOs the opportunity to boost brand recognition, educate audiences, and attract new customers.

    BoardroomPR bridges the gap between old and new by incorporating coverage in high-profile print, TV, and radio outlets with social media management, website development, online reputation management, email marketing services, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. In the way of branding, the firm offers PR for CEOs in the areas of logo design, copywriting, and video production. To learn more, CEOs can visit

These ten PR firms set themselves apart from the competition with impactful, results-driven PR. They consistently craft stories, strategies, and platforms that allow CEOs to positively impact their businesses, grow their reputations, connect with consumers, and emerge as industry thought leaders.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - PR for CEOs is Critical for Brand Success: Top PR Firms for CEOs
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