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Sparck Technologies: a Leading Brand in Sustainable Packaging

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It’s no secret that in 2023, online shopping is fast becoming the go-to method for consumers to get the goods they want from both local stores and those around the world. Many businesses are not only struggling to keep up with demand, but also beginning to consider simpler, more eco-friendly solutions to reduce both cost and waste. The great news is that Sparck Technologies has stepped in with just the answer; automated packaging.

A leading brand in sustainable packaging

Right now, not only is packaging a costly aspect of commerce, but it also takes time, a dedicated workforce, and produces a host of unnecessary waste. Automated packaging solutions like those on offer from Sparck Technologies aim to minimize the need for extra employees for growing businesses and reduce outgoings, all in an eco-sensitive, highly productive environment that fits the needs of both yourself and your consumers. With fit-to-size packaging technology developed in-house, you can choose from CVP Impak to CVP Everest solutions to cater to everything from 500 to 1100 boxes per hour.

What can you expect from Sparck Technologies? 

CVP automated packaging solutions have the ability to construct boxes to fit the specific size of the package in question, construct a label, and have orders filled in as little as seven seconds (or even three when CVP Everest is selected).

Spark Technologies has a well-appointed support team that is ready to dynamically provide remote support, on-site services, daily reporting, and even product training and software maintenance.

A blend of auto-packing machinery and specialist software combine to 3D scan products, custom cut corrugate, and pack boxes at the necessary size and volume. Every package created will be weighed, securely sealed, and equipped with a carrier-compliant shipping label.

How does it work? 

Whether you need single or multi-item orders, an operator will take it to the right machine, set the parameters, and oversee the automated process to ensure that your customers receive the perfect-sized parcel with the lowest possible cost to your business. This will ensure that everything runs at peak performance, with a focus on productivity and quality every time.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Sparck Technologies: a Leading Brand in Sustainable Packaging
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