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Survey: Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Some CEOs?

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According to a recent survey by the executive council of CEOWORLD Magazine, a significant percentage of CEOs, precisely 48%, believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to replace most or all of their job responsibilities. Interestingly, 40% of CEOs view this development positively, considering it as a favorable change. These findings reveal the growing influence of AI technology in the business world and the impact it may have on executive roles in the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the world of business by taking over repetitive and mundane tasks, thereby freeing up CEOs to focus on higher-level responsibilities. For instance, AI can assist CEOs in analyzing complex market data, predicting future trends, and identifying new business opportunities. However, despite its vast potential, AI is unlikely to fully replicate the soft skills that are crucial for effective leadership and success in business.

These soft skills include critical thinking, vision, creativity, teamwork, collaboration, and the ability to listen to and inspire people. Therefore, AI can be seen as a valuable tool for CEOs, but it can never fully replace the human touch that is essential for building and sustaining successful businesses.

CEOWORLD Magazine’s executive council recently conducted a survey to gain insight into the skills gap and preparation levels of the current workforce. The survey was directed towards C-Suite executives, including chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and chief operating officers.

The gathered data revealed that, on average, almost half (45%) of the skills present in the current workforce will become irrelevant by 2025. Furthermore, 45% of the employees are not adequately prepared to meet the demands of the future of work. These findings highlight the need for organizations to focus on upskilling and reskilling their workforce to ensure their continued success in the rapidly changing job market.

key findings from the survey:

As per the findings of a recent survey, a large majority of C-suite executives (85%) are encountering challenges when it comes to recruiting individuals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise. Furthermore, three-fourths (75%) of these executives noted that their business strategy is being disrupted by the implementation of AI.

The survey also revealed that a significant proportion of C-suite executives (84%) are of the view that workers who possess proficiency in AI should be acknowledged for their skills, and compensated with higher salaries (75%) and more frequent promotions (82%).

According to a recent study, which surveyed C-Suite executives from major companies across the globe, a significant 75% of respondents believe that their company should augment its investment in learning and development initiatives that are specifically tailored towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the next one to two years.

This indicates a growing recognition among corporate leaders of the importance of AI for future business success, and the need to equip their workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage this technology effectively.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Opinions - Survey: Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Some CEOs?
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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