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The Power of Habits: Your Roadmap to Success.

Shannah Kennedy Colleen Callander

Habits silently shape our lives, influencing our daily actions and, ultimately, determining our destinies. Remarkably, approximately sixty percent of our daily activities are not conscious choices but rather the outcomes of ingrained habits working behind the scenes. These routines, whether positive or negative, define us, impact our outcomes, and serve as the foundation of our success or failure. Habits become deeply ingrained in our minds, operating on autopilot, like brushing our teeth or driving our cars. They integrate seamlessly into our identities through consistent repetition, making them notoriously resistant to change. Yet, those who achieve true success understand this concept and harness the power of habits to propel themselves towards their goals. They take charge of their habits, master them, and regularly assess their impact on their lives.

At their core, habits function as solutions to problems, allowing us to expend minimal energy while achieving our desired outcomes. As we consistently repeat these actions, our habits inevitably construct our identities. Every decision, no matter how small, contributes to the person we aspire to become. However, habits are a double-edged sword; they can either empower us or lead us astray. It is crucial to gain a deep understanding of our habits and their consequences to ensure they align with our aspirations.

To thrive in any facet of life, it’s crucial to pay attention to the little habits we might not even notice. These small actions accumulate over time, shaping our days and ultimately creating the narrative of our lives. The key question is whether our current habits are steering us towards success. The state of our fitness is a direct result of our exercise habits, or lack thereof, while our knowledge stems from our learning habits, or their absence. It’s a simple fact: what we achieve in life is a result of what we do. Good habits lead to good results, while the absence of good habits can hinder us. So, we should examine our daily habits to ensure they align with our goals. Remember, we reap what we sow.

Indeed, habits are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our daily lives. They manifest in acts of kindness, staying hydrated, expressing gratitude, engaging in self-reflection, practicing breathwork, and even in routine tasks like brushing our teeth, taking daily walks, and leadership. These seemingly minor, repetitive actions, when thoughtfully chosen and consistently practiced, can supercharge our lives, propelling us towards success, including success in leadership.

To unlock your full potential and become a strong leader while achieving your desired state of being, whether it involves physical fitness, emotional well-being, fulfilling relationships, or adaptability to change, it is essential to adopt high-performance habits.

These habits are straightforward, productive actions that, when performed consistently over time, ignite the fires of progress. 

Let’s explore five high-performance leadership habits that have the potential to elevate your life:

Take Proactive Ownership: Success begins with taking control of what you can influence and creating positive changes in your life.

Envision Your Desired Outcomes: Set clear goals and create a plan to achieve them. Having a vision of where you want to be is essential to stay on track.

Prioritise What Truly Matters: Focus on your most important goals and tasks, avoiding distractions and constant reactivity to urgencies.

Foster a Mindset of Mutual Success: Cultivate an environment of collaboration and trust by striving for outcomes that benefit all parties involved.

Prioritise Understanding Others: Positively influence and connect with individuals by nurturing empathy, actively listening to their needs, and seeking to comprehend their viewpoints before sharing your own.

By consistently embracing these habits, you can elevate your performance, nurture meaningful relationships, and lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life, including achieving success in leadership. These principles, inspired by valuable knowledge passed down through generations, possess the power to transform your journey towards success and personal fulfillment.

However, the path to success, including leadership success, is an ever evolving one, with no fixed destination. Life continuously changes, and consequently, our habits must evolve alongside it. Olympic athletes, actors, business leaders, and other high achievers understand the importance of regular self-assessment and reflection to enhance their performance in leadership roles. Acquiring new habits alone is insufficient; they must be continuously fine-tuned. Just as you would fine-tune a musical instrument or a car engine for optimal performance, your habits, including your leadership habits, require constant attention to maintain high performance.

Ultimately, leadership begins with the self. How you structure, start, pace, and conclude your day is determined by the habits, rituals, and routines you cultivate and regularly refine, including your leadership habits. These habits, these seemingly insignificant yet potent building blocks of success, hold the key to unlocking your full potential and shaping the narrative of your life, including your journey in leadership. Embrace them, own them, and allow them to guide you towards the success and fulfillment you desire.

Written by Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - The Power of Habits: Your Roadmap to Success.
Colleen Callander and Shannah Kennedy
Meet the dynamic duo behind Human Elevation – two extraordinary powerhouse women united by a shared vision of elevating humans through the pillars of LIFE, LEADERSHIP & LONGEVITY. Together, they're transforming the way we approach personal growth and development, tapping into the immense power of collaboration to achieve truly extraordinary results.
Colleen Callander, has had an impressive 30-year retail career, served as CEO for two iconic Australian fashion brands: Sportsgirl and Sussan. Her wealth of knowledge and track record in building brands and establishing winning cultures has inspired and empowered people throughout her career.
Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia’s foremost strategic life coaches with over 20 years experience and has coached elite athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs and high-performing executives and is also the author of the global bestseller "The Life Plan – Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life" and six other acclaimed Penguin Random House books.

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