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The Power Of Reading People’s Minds – a Curse Or a Gift?

Being able to understand what other people think is not as difficult as it may sound. Of course, we may not be able to have access to their mind’s diary, but if we take a while to pay attention to some details, we may find out. Every person that we meet provides pieces of information to us that, if we are willing to decipher, we will find an order in the chaos that we first see. It may sound difficult at first, but if you manage to break the code, whatever applies to one person can easily apply to another one as well. When someone is being silent, for example, we don’t have to be professionally trained to guess that they are likely to be sad or angry. Based on their facial expressions and body language, we can understand what they refuse to share with us with words. Besides, words are often used to mislead us rather than help us understand what is going on. Someone will tell you that they are ok while practically, they may be very far from being ok. Let’s see what comes along with the ability to understand every little detail that people want to hide.

  1. You miss all the fun
    Most of the time, people will not want to mislead you. Otherwise, they would pretend to be ok. Sometimes they just want you to find out on your own. They want you to show you care. Ask questions, be polite, and spend time with them. It is communication that makes this whole game fun. If it was not for that, where would the beauty hide? Just like flirting, communication is a way to connect. A way to tell each other you care enough to go into the trouble of wasting your time for them.
  2. You risk getting disappointed
    Once their intentions are clarified, we can think of where we stand during this process. One of the major questions that appear now is whether we are ready to hear it. Sometimes, people will hide the truth from us to protect us. If there is one thing we can be vulnerable to, this is the truth. Wise souls understand that and protect us from coming across information that will be too hard to handle. For instance, if someone thinks low of us, perhaps we will not want to find out. Things that will allow our weaknesses to come to the surface are not pleasant; we have to be ready for that if we are eager to read other people’s minds.
  3. You have new obligations
    A part of the unpleasant things that come with knowing more than we can handle is that new obligations may arise. It may not be us that are considered to be weak; it may be the person we have in front of us. It is not only a matter of them protecting us. If we encourage them to open up so that we have a window where we can see their souls, that means that we will have to treat them with tenderness and affection. We now have to take the role of the parent and be present to give and provide support. Perhaps the expectations that will come up are too high for us, and it is better to ask ourselves twice whether we want to be mind-readers.
  4. You satisfy your curiosity
    No matter how skeptical we are about this skill, we have to admit that it sounds more than attractive. Human curiosity is endless, and there is nothing that we would not like to know. If all the ”ifs” where aside and we were free to just learn, very few would say no to this opportunity. The reason? We simply dislike the chaos. The more information we have, the more excited we get. Covering this need has more to do with excitement than any other feeling.
  5. You learn about yourself
    At this point, we do not imply that you learn what people think of you and therefore learn who you are. Their beliefs should not affect you regardless of whether they share them with you or whether you have the superpower to learn them by reading their thoughts. The idea is that discovering a new way of thinking will allow you to open new doors and provide an indirect way to compare yourself and become better. If this is not magic, then what is?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - The Power Of Reading People’s Minds – a Curse Or a Gift?
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