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TV Commercials And Other Ads: 5 Things That Attract Attention

Posters, TV commercials, Facebook and YouTube ads, and social media are everywhere. Advertisers have increased the level of their imagination to attract more and more clients towards the brand and product they are trying to sell. Today we will talk about the most common tools and the most popular topics they will choose to grab your attention.

  1. Helping the consumer change
    One of the most common things advertisers use is self-improvement. The products are supposed to help consumers become better in various fields. In many cases, marketers want to show how productive, attractive, and generally accepted one can get after one buys this particular product. Even healthy food is strictly related to it. Initially, they can focus on its health benefits. In addition, drawing attention to how the body will change implies that the consumer will become more attractive. Therefore, they can build a story and a whole scenario around it to catch viewers’ attention.
  2. Humor is necessary
    At the same time, humor is quite common. A joke has a strict way of addressing consumers, passing the message in a more convincing way than any other method. It has been proven that humor makes listeners more open to what they are about to hear than any other method. Sometimes it allows people to be sarcastic, even about themselves, which is a pleasant surprise for many potential clients. The reason is that people often feel they make a kind of alliance with the person who shares the joke. It is like they are in this ”illegal” thing together. Again humor ”plays” with stereotypes that no one is willing to admit. It helps people relax, and this is half the way to success when it comes to advertising products.
  3. Imagination
    Another wonderful fact about commercials is that they give advertisers all of the freedom they need to communicate what they want. In some commercials, you will see cartoons coming on the screen to have a real talk with a real person who is supposed to have second thoughts about buying the product. Generally, a sense of magic and the implication that the product will solve our problems in the blink of an eye is very common. It allows us to dream that this could happen without having any guilt for being too naive about it.
  4. Passing a message
    Meanwhile, people who work in sales and marketing have many weapons they can use to give their fight. Have you ever seen movies that are too didactic, and the director tries to pass a message? Well, the same thing happens with commercials as well. Marketers will often attempt to catch the crowd’s attention by discussing a hot topic and the company’s view. What the brand thinks about the environment is a perfect example of how ads will try to lead consumers to a particular conclusion. If they agree with the message, they will buy the product.
  5. Information about the product
    Another simple and common technique is to inform the consumers about the product. Especially when it comes to brands that have not been introduced to people in the past, it is vital to allow people to know that you exist. At this point, the benefits of the particular product are pointed out, helping people clear out the differences between this brand and the competitors. This way, people will know what they buy and base their choice on the information we give about the product. Perhaps it seems more boring, but it is quite valuable, which is why advertisers still use this technique.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - TV Commercials And Other Ads: 5 Things That Attract Attention
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