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Sean Rakidzich Shares His Own Strategies to Help Those in the Short-Term Rental Business

Sean Rakidzich

To anyone looking for a passive income stream or to break into the housing business, Airbnb has consistently been the most appealing option. Many people have tried their hand at it, assuming that it would be as simple as buying a house in a well-traveled area, placing it on the site, and raking in the money. Unfortunately for those new to the scene, and even some who have been trying it for a while, it isn’t as easy to find success on Airbnb as you’d think.

Without giving up on it completely, there are some things you can do to get the most out of Airbnb. One of the best solutions to any issues you might face is to seek the help of someone who has already found success and is willing to share what they know. Sean Rakidzich is the leading expert in short-term rental education and has generated millions of dollars in revenue as an Airbnb host. For anyone trying to find success with short-term rentals on Airbnb, or is considering pursuing it in the future, Rakidzich’s webinars and courses are the places to be.

Recent Webinars

Rakidzich recently hosted two webinars, one that discussed the Airbnb algorithm and one that covered revenue management, two key aspects of owning short-term rentals in this space.

The first session consisted of a two-hour masterclass where Rakidzich taught about reworking the Airbnb algorithm in favor of the host. He has his signature solution for split-testing results, which is how the algorithm gets reworked.

About this webinar, he said, “If your calendar has suddenly gone empty, or you are a professional operator seeking a more high-level understanding of the Airbnb algorithm as a means to maximize both position and profit, then this is the webinar for you.”

In his second webinar, he shared his expertise about maximizing profits by creating a strategy for pricing driven by the market. The pricing strategy provided those in attendance with the tools they need to set prices and costs while seeing their listings outperform their competitors.

“My target price webinar covers all the latest pricing strategies, concepts, and techniques to help hosts capitalize on their properties,” Rakidzich said. “This included zero-dollar cleaning fee strategies, price calculation tools, ranking better within the algorithm, consumer psychology, dynamic pricing, and so much more.”

Both of these webinars offered attendees and future viewers the opportunity to learn from someone who has found great success in this industry. These webinars aren’t the only educational materials you can expect from Rakidzich, he also provides courses that cover everything someone might need to know about Airbnb and how to make it work for you.

Current Courses Provided

On his website, Rakidzich currently has four-course options available. He has had thousands of students, many of who have found success with his help. His courses aren’t just for individuals already in the space, they also provide insight to those considering entering it. With the right kind of education, people can enter the space knowledgeable, prepared, and start making money from the beginning.

His current offerings include:

  • Closers Crash Course: This course includes the recording of Rakidzich’s live five-hour workshop where he taught his students his process for acquiring Airbnb properties, access to his eBook that teaches the art of negotiating and how to pick up short-term rental properties through rental arbitrage, a copy of a lease addendum he has used in the past, and access to his free training program that has over 30 hours of material.
  • Pricing Masterclass: This course provides students with the methods that Rakidzich uses himself, such as his pricing strategies and a behind-the-scenes look at how he ranks his listing for maximum profit. Rakidzich also, for a limited time, is offering this pricing MasterClass in tandem with the two above webinars. Available at
  • The Upsell Course: This course includes Rakidzich’s four proven techniques to upsell guests, a discount for his flagship course Cracking Superhost, the potential to make an extra $400 per month per listing, and six step-by-step training videos.
  • Cracking Superhost: this is Rakidzich’s flagship course and private group. This course consists of a detailed curriculum that covers everything from what Airbnb is to property acquisition and how to decorate and set up your rental. What makes his cracking super host program the best in the STR industry is that he and his coaching time provide over 10 hours a week of live coaching for his students, in addition to his already world-class education. We received word from his team that they are even due to announce a new coach within the program with an interior design specialization.

Many entrepreneurs have found success with his courses and have left many positive reviews detailing precisely why they are so valuable for anyone in the short-term rental business. They have said how Rakidzich truly cares for those who seek his help, taking the time to answer each of their questions. They have also shown their own sales and accredited him for their bookings selling out for entire months.

It has been shown that those who are trying to break into industry spaces should seek the help of someone who is already occupying it successfully, and the same holds true for short-term rental space. To reach the level of success that people break into this business for, courses and webinars like the ones Rakidzich provides can be what makes the difference between falling short and getting booked.

 About Sean Rakidzich

With over $10 million in revenue generated as an Airbnb host, Sean Rakidzich (previously of Airbnb Automated) is the leading expert, entrepreneur and influencer in short-term rental education and operations on the Internet. He will soon be expanding his teachings beyond just Airbnb to include Peerspace, Turo, VRBO,, and more. For more information, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - Sean Rakidzich Shares His Own Strategies to Help Those in the Short-Term Rental Business
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