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Making A Restaurant Thrive – Finding The Best Chef


In many cases, the chef is why someone visits a restaurant. We could say the chef is the frontman in a way. Just like in concerts, the singers are the ones who take most of the burden on their shoulders; chefs are responsible for a big part of the success of a restaurant.

Even though customers will not see them when they step foot into the restaurant, they may know who is the head chef and what has been his or her career so far. TV shows that have chefs competing with each other have promoted cooking and food tasting. We believe the future of restaurants is held in the good restaurants where extravagant choices can be suggested.

People have been traveling, and they now have an opinion regarding the taste of their meals. Hiring a good chef can be considered as an investment, and it practically is since it is going to attract customers to the business. Before you take them on your team, let’s see what you should look for.

  1. Chefs are as creative as artists.
    With so many chefs around us, creativity has proved more than crucial. The gist of the job that the professional has to capture is that combinations with food are endless and unless they have a mindset that prioritizes creativity they will never make their dishes stand out. For some people cooking is like art.


    No matter whether you agree with that or not, those who treat their profession like that are, most of the time, the good chefs you are looking for. These are the kind of people you want in your kitchen to drive the restaurant to the sky and leave customers speechless.

  2. Chefs have to be quick
    Cooking is about being creative, but it is also about being quick. All chefs in big kitchens are fighting against the clock, and they have to be alert during all working hours. Preparation of the ingredients they will need when the customers make their orders is also a huge part of the game.

    However, when the order has been made, there is a certain amount of time each customer can wait, and since we talk about food, we also talk about hungry people, so letting them wait for more than expected will make them nervous. Besides, it is a sign of poor organization and won’t be well-received.

  3. Finding the right person for the right job
    As talented as a chef can be, you may want to find the one whose style and way of working fits the whole concept of your business. Since cooking has become so sophisticated, there are specialists in different cuisines. So if you want to serve Japanese food, perhaps you want to settle for someone less prestigious but can handle all aspects of Japanese cuisine without creating pretentious dishes. People who know the ground they work in are more likely to make authentic meals.

  4. Cooking is a teamwork.
    Many people are involved regardless of the restaurant’s style or the chef’s talent in the kitchen. Head chefs often act in a strict way toward those who are underneath, creating a cold atmosphere.

    Others may encourage the rest of the team to be competitive with each other, which causes stress to some people, especially if they are young or inexperienced. In the kitchen, there should always be a sense of cooperation.


    Good manners also indicate that a chef is an educated person with whom you would like to work. If you have a bad-behaved professional on your team, kindly remind them that they are working for you and replace them as soon as possible.

  5. Education about cooking is essential.
    Cooking is simple, but being a professional chef is a different story. It would be wise to check for their education and degrees overcooking. Where did they study cooking? Not all schools provide equal knowledge. The chef has to be aware of traditional recipes and be aware of the new trends; inspiration comes later.


    Do not compromise with people who lack the basics, no matter how attractive the rest of the characteristics are. At some point, you will have trouble with the chef’s lack of efficient knowledge. Even if they manage to create lovely recipes, they may face problems with their ego, which at some point will come out.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Making A Restaurant Thrive – Finding The Best Chef
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