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Managers and Leaders – the 4 Things Followers Need

Managers and Leaders

Today we will talk about the basis of having a loyal team that is happy to work for you and is devoted. Money is a crucial factor but is not the only reason someone will stick with your team for a long.

The competition out there is huge, and people will always be in chase of something better. An opportunity that will rise or the news of a colleague who got a better job will awaken them and make them want to look for something else.

Well, it turns out that people will not go anywhere if they have been given these basic things. Whatever a leader has to apply to keep his team happy is what people have to do to keep followers happy in general. Let’s see the boundaries of this healthy relationship

  1. Stability seems to be designed for followers around the world
    Stability is the magic word a person who works in a big company wants to hear in order to remain loyal. Followers are mainly afraid of the unexpected. While leaders have a big fear of failure, followers are willing to sacrifice their freedom as long as they are reassured they will not lose what they have so hard worked for.

    Going back to start things over from scratch sounds like a big fuss for them and they would rather have more services as long as they can feel safe. A stable job with a medium salary is much preferred than a life full of stress and with the fear of messing up.

  2. Trust on leaders’ behalf is essential
    Trust is something completely different from stability and people tend to confuse these two terms a lot. The next best thing in the followers’ list is trust. Followers are the kind of people who tend to be careful. This is why they examine everything thoroughly and they often find that there are areas in their partnerships that reveal this lack of trust.

    An experienced and trustworthy manager should cover this need and be honest with the employees. Lying is not the best way to attract followers. They are willing to be devoted but only if they feel this is the case for the company as well.

  3. Hope can move mountains
    Hope is similar to love as it can move mountains and it can lift rocks. It is a source of inner strength that makes people keep on going and doing their best. The hope of a promotion or the idea that they will be the main speakers of the next conference will make a difference in their performance. The fact that their life is generally stable means it may be boring from time to time.

    The hope of small or bigger changes is what will trick them into doing something more. Besides, the fact that they are not the risky types of people means they have nothing to expect out of their own actions. The only one who can provide them the hope that is necessary for every individual’s life can is the boss or their superiors.

  4. Compassion is the answer to hard times
    Even though failure is more frightening for leaders, the way they handle it is what differentiates them from followers. A leader who fails will try to find strength from within and move forward. A follower may be less disappointed when he fails a particular task but he doesn’t seem to have the storage of strength that will allow him to move on when this happens.

    The follower will need someone to encourage him when difficult situations arise and this is where compassion on leaders’ behalf makes its appearance in the game. Compassion is important to help employers overcome difficulties and accept their weaknesses. These people will need comfort from an external source since it may be hard for them to keep being productive. A wise and open-minded boss will generously provide compassion for them.

    It sounds easy but not all leaders can do that. Many of them are behaving in a way that disappoints followers and this is where the big challenge for managers lays. It is a skill that is not usually present in such personalities since they are mainly targeted around their goal and going back to show compassion feels like someone is trying to slow them down.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Managers and Leaders – the 4 Things Followers Need
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