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CEO Spotlight: Chris Rapczynski Celebrates Three Decades of Leadership in the Boston Construction Community

Chris Rapczynski

Chris Rapczynski is a general contractor and founder of Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc., an award-winning design/build firm in Boston. Over the past three decades, he has grown from an aspiring entrepreneur to one of the most respected and awarded general contractors in the Boston community.

Rapczynski has left his mark on the community in more ways than one. His construction projects line the streets of Boston and its surrounding areas as well as the pages of respected architecture and design publications. And in his free time, Rapczynski gives back to his community by engaging in charitable work and mentorship programs.

Now, Chris Rapczynski celebrates three decades as a leader in the Boston construction community. In his words, he owes his success to his core business tenets of quality, innovation, and integrity, which have driven the growth of Sleeping Dog Properties to become one of Boston’s leading general contracting, design/build, and real estate development firms.

Chris Rapczynski: Excellence in General Contracting 

Chris Rapczynski’s dedication to world-class customer service, high-quality work, and long-lasting contractor partnerships has earned him numerous accolades over the years. He has been recognized as one of Boston’s best general contractors by the Boston Society of Architects and General Contractors Magazine.

His residential, commercial, and hospitality construction projects are renowned as some of the finest properties in the Boston and Cambridge area. They span the metro area and suburbs, enhancing the appeal of Boston’s architectural landscape while respecting its traditional roots. Rapczynski’s projects have appeared in numerous architecture and design publications, including Houzz, Interiors Magazine, and New England Home Magazine.

One of Chris Rapczynski’s most notable contributions to the construction community is his commitment to helping tomorrow’s construction leaders grow. He invests heavily in his staff and works closely with them to bring out their best work. He also builds strong bonds with local contractors to ensure consistency of quality in every project.

Rapczynski provides valuable counsel to future construction professionals outside the walls of his business. He mentors disadvantaged and career-path-challenged individuals in the industry to give them the tools they need for success.

Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc.

Chris Rapczynski is an entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. Though, his primary enterprise is Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc., a design/build firm he founded in 1993. Rapczynski serves as president of the firm, and under his leadership, he has overseen over $500 in construction projects. Sleeping Dog Properties was recently named one of General Contractors Magazine’s Best General Contractors in Cambridge, MA.

Sleeping Dog Properties specializes in luxury residential, boutique commercial, and unique hospitality projects, and it maintains a sterling reputation as a provider of essential residential construction services in the Boston area. Some of SDP’s most notable projects include:

  • A high-rise penthouse in Boston’s Millennium Tower
  • Newton Pediatrics, a 4000 sq. ft. children’s medical facility
  • Smythe and Dove Restaurant, a high-end steakhouse in Andover, MA

As he crosses the threshold into three decades of contracting work, Chris Rapczynski shows no signs of slowing down. He seeks to broaden his commercial and residential aims outside the Boston and Cambridge area as Sleeping Dog Properties expands into new markets such as destination/vacation home projects in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and Cape Cod.

A Life of Service 

When Chris Rapczynski isn’t providing world-class client support to his customers, he provides a different type of service to his community—in the form of charity, volunteer work, and mentorship.

He is an avid supporter of the Andover Soccer Association in his hometown, for which he has coached soccer for many years. Rapczynski is also a philanthropic partner with Build Health International, an organization that promotes global health equity by constructing sanitary infrastructure and medical facilities in under-resourced regions.

Rapczynski engages as a partner or contributor to many other charitable organizations in his community. He believes that his core values of integrity and hard work are to thank for his personal and professional successes.

Chris Rapczynskil lives in Andover, MA with his wife and three children.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Chris Rapczynski Celebrates Three Decades of Leadership in the Boston Construction Community

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