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Creating a Podcast? Here’s How to Generate Hype and Build an Audience Before Your First Show Goes Live

Eric Weinberger

When it comes to connecting to an audience or client base, the podcast may be the most effective means out there. Global corporations, small businesses, and individuals alike use this media to promote products, advertise services, and share ideas. If you’re passionate about a topic or cause, a podcast is one of the best ways to feed your passion while also providing a creative outlet. A successful podcast can also be a source of income and help to establish your brand or reputation as an authority on nearly any topic. Success doesn’t come without a plan. Here are some tips for a successful launch.

Knowing Your Lane

There are many podcasts out there covering various subjects. Where will your podcast fit in? What unique perspective will you provide? You need to choose a niche that you are both passionate and knowledgeable about. Even if you are a subject matter expert in a particular field, it will be challenging to continuously create trustworthy and high-quality content about something that doesn’t excite you. Podcast audiences tend to subscribe to content that is both engaging and credible. You’ll also need to stay on top of the latest in your subject area through research and continuous learning. Think about the type of listener you’d like to reach and tailor your content accordingly.

Having Ample Content

Imagine a store promoting a grand opening and not having enough inventory to last for the first couple of days. The grand opening could turn into a grand closing if there aren’t enough items for shoppers. Even if you’re not selling a product or service, I recommend that you have a few episodes (at least three) ready to go before you launch. If a new listener likes hearing what you have to say, it’s great to have sufficient content to hook them in. Many listeners don’t necessarily binge podcast episodes, but it’s important to have ample content to get into before and after the launch.

Promoting Your Podcast

The Internet provides many vehicles for promoting your podcast. You should have a professional-looking website dedicated to your podcast, as well as social media profiles where you can share clips, soundbites, teasers, and other promotional content. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms provide free or affordable ways for you to advertise your podcast. Create strategic posts with carefully curated keywords and hashtags to build your following.

Connecting to Others

No successful podcast is an island. Collaboration is a major factor in podcast episodes going viral. Consider the following connection tips to launch your podcast:

  • Invite guests, especially those with a large following, on social media or other platforms. You can even invite a podcaster with a similar topic for shared exposure to each other’s audiences.
  • Provide content for your guests to share snippets with their followers.
  • Be a guest on another podcast on a similar or complementary topic. For example, if your podcast is about audio equipment for audiophiles, there could be great synergy appearing on a podcast about gadgets and tech.
  • Present your guests and collaborators in the best light.

Many listeners discover new podcasts to follow based on other podcasts. Strategic collaboration helps with exposure and word-of-mouth.

Engaging With Listeners

Everyone likes freebies, including podcast audiences. Giveaways, contests, and bonus content for followers are great ways to grow your audience. You could hold a prize contest for listeners to write reviews on podcast platforms. Promote your contests on websites, social media, email blasts, SMS messaging, and more. This type of advertisement puts you and your podcast in a positive light with your audience.

Using the Right Tools

A strong podcast idea, the gift of gab, and anything else you’ve got going for you will be limited by the quality of your tools. Using subpar equipment to record episodes results in poor audio quality, which makes your episodes difficult to enjoy. Invest in a good microphone, recording equipment, and a quiet space. You’ll also need to research the right software for recording, editing, and processing. Using the right tools also means finding the right hosting service for your podcast, as well as leveraging the right resources, such as podcast aggregators and analytical tools.

A successful podcast doesn’t happen by chance or accident. Even high-profile public figures and major corporations need to employ various strategies to create a reliable, trustworthy, and engaging podcast. With careful planning and a smart approach, you can set up your podcast for success right out of the gate.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Creating a Podcast? Here’s How to Generate Hype and Build an Audience Before Your First Show Goes Live

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