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What The Australian Investor Visa Has To Offer

One of the most attractive places for foreign investments is Australia. The Land Down Under has come a long way and is among the most influential geopolitical, economic and cultural actors in the world. There are several reasons attributable to its likeability as an investment hub as well as a residential choice among foreigners. To name a few, it is an exemplary example of a stable economy, with very strong creditworthiness and consistent growth periods; several policy initiatives taken in favor of business are reflected in its fantastic ranking on the Index of Economic Freedom geopolitically strategic location, and high quality of living. With all the right ingredients of a dependable economy, it is not surprising to know that its investor visa program is quite famous.
The Subclass 891 Investor Visa is specially designed for people who aim to carry out business and investment activities in the country. A major highlight of the visa is the grant of permanent residence to successful applicants. Due to the nature of the benefits offered, one has to be very particular about the requirements of the program. Over here, you will find a compact guide on what to keep in mind while applying for the said visa program.

  1. Eligibility criteria for the program
    A range of eligibility criteria has been stipulated for the interested applicants.

  • It is compulsory to hold Subclass 162-Investor (Provisional visa). The provisional visa is granted to business owners, senior executives, investors, and state/territory-sponsored business owners, senior executives, or investors.

  • There is a residence requirement of 2 years in 4 years immediately before you submit the application. You must have lived in the country as a Subclass 162 Investor (provisional) visa holder for the said period, though there need not be continuous residence.

  • The applicant, and their family (in case they are included), must meet the health requirement.

  • A character requirement must be met, indicating that you have been on good behavior throughout your stay in the country.

  • Have paid back any debt you owed to the Australian government; the same applies to your family members.

  • A previous visa application has not been rejected, or a visa canceled.

  1. Adding family members to the application
    An added advantage is that family members can be included in the visa application. You have the option to include them when you file your visa application or after but before the determination of the status of the application. The eligible family members include the spouse or partner, the applicant’s and/or partner’s child provided the said child is not engaged or married and is below the age of 18 years; the dependent child of the child above can also be included. There may be exceptions to the age requirements in case the child is 23 years old or below and is dependent.

  2. Relevant Documents to be submitted
    The general list of documents to be submitted for the visa application includes:

  • Identity proofs of the main applicant, along with photographs.

  • Evidence of residence for the required period.

  • Proof of investment made as part of the visa application.

  • Business partner documents, if any.

  • All documents about family members included in the application.

  • Proof of proficiency in English is required.

  • An Australian police clearance certificate, along with an overseas police certificate from every country where you spent a total of 12 months.

  1. Benefits of the Investor Visa
    With the visa, you will be eligible for a lot more benefits than the provisional investor visa. These benefits include a permanent stay in the country, eligibility to work and study in the country, accrue benefits of the country’s public healthcare scheme, travel to and from the country for five years, sponsor your relatives to come to the country, and acquire eligibility to become an Australian citizen. Note that after five years of travel to and from Australia, you will have to apply for a Resident Return (RRV) visa (Subclass 155 and 157) to re-enter the country as a permanent resident. Ensure that you obey the mandates of the Australian laws, and you will be entitled to all the benefits mentioned above.

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