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Top 10 Best US Jobs For 2022

Glassdoor published its list of the best jobs in the USA for 2022. You can read below the top 10 best US jobs for 2022 according to the salary they offer and the current job openings.
The position of enterprise architect tops the list. Of course, an enterprise architect has – among other responsibilities – to cope with designing processes while must be responsible for paying attention to the project’s progress and maintaining a security focus. The median salary is more than 144.000 dollars, while the active job openings are more than 14.000.
The position of the Full Stack Engineer holds second place on the list with a median salary of almost 101.000 dollars. There are about 11.250 job openings for this position. A Full Stack Engineer is responsible for website processes and writing code for mobile platforms.
The data scientist position ranked 3rd on the list of the best US jobs for 2022. The median salary for this job is 120.000 dollars, while there are almost 10.000 active job openings. Of course, the data scientist analyzes all the available data for each project.
There are 8,548 active job openings for DevOps engineers in the USA. The median salary for this position is 120.095 dollars. From the above data, DevOps Engineer holds 4th place on the list. The main activity for a DevOps Engineer is combining engineering and coding.
Strategy Manager completes the top 5 best jobs in the USA for 2022. The median salary for this position is 140.000 dollars, while the active job openings are about 7.000. Strategy Managers have an overall aspect of the company’s operation and are ready to propose solutions in order to reach further development and reach the appropriate goals.
Machine Learning Engineer and Data Engineer follow at the 6th and 7th place on the list, respectively. The median salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is 130.489 dollars, while a Data Engineer can earn up to 113.960 dollars. The active job openings for Machine Learning Engineers are 6.801, and for Data Engineers are 11.821. Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for the creation of self-running software. At the same time, Data Engineers must transform data into a format that can be easily analyzed.
The position of Software Engineer follows at the 8th place on the list with 116.638 dollars median salary. There are 64.155 active job openings for Software Engineers. Software engineers usually test software that enables a computer to accomplish certain tasks.
Java Developers and Product Managers complete the top 10 best jobs in the USA for 2022. The position of the Java Developers holds 9th place on the list, while the position of the Product Managers holds 10th place on the list. There are 10.201 active jobs for Java Developers and 17.725 active jobs for Product Managers. The median salary for Java Developers is 107.099 dollars, and the median salary for Product Managers is 125.317 dollars. Java Developers usually create apps for the market, while Product Managers are responsible for the strategy and the design plan of a product.

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