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Best Places For Business And Careers In The USA

We live in a world today which is fiercely competitive. Every individual is striving hard to remain ahead of the curve and find suitable career opportunities. One of the prime ways of doing this is by taking the big leap to cities that are known for the ease of doing business.

Here in this blog below, we will drop the names of the top 10 places that are best for your illustrious career.

  1. Seattle
    Seattle has remained in the top position for many years in a row. Credited for having a booming economy, educated workforce, Seattle also has major giants like Amazon and Microsoft in its vicinity. Nicknames such as “The Emerald City”, suggest that this place is the best to kickstart your job and business.
  2. Des Moines
    Des Moines is the capital city of Iowa that is situated at the intersection of two rivers. The place is known for having the best of job and career opportunities for the aspirants. One of the prime aspects that demarcate the capital of Iowa is financial services. Apart from the presence of tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft also boost up career opportunities.
  3. Dallas
    If you are someone considering a career move, then opt for none other than Dallas. Situated towards the northeast of Texas, the metropolitan city is steadily rising in the job metrics. With 24 Fortune 500 companies within its perimeter, Dallas is best for forging ahead in your career.
  4. Olympia
    Olympia is another interesting place to consider for your big career move. The city has a stable workforce along with a business environment which makes it best for job opportunities. Other than that, a healthy economy also acts as a contributing factor for companies to thrive easily.
  5. Raleigh
    Raleigh is the state capital and college town in North Carolina. The unique economic climate of the city is one of the prime reasons which makes job seekers eager to relocate. Right from the technology, biotechnology, and medical industry, the city has a mix of Fortune 500 companies and startups that boost career opportunities.
  6. Austin
    Not until recently has the city of Austin transpired from a quiet capital to a bustling area. The robust economy of the place has resulted in a boost in employment. From a low unemployment rate of around 3% to more than 130,000 jobs Austin has made a name for itself in both the business and career sectors.
  7. Denver
    Another city in the USA, which has cemented its position in the job and career sector is Denver. The place is known for having more than 1.4 million jobs and 2.3 percent growth. With high-tech industries, a strong economy, and a low employment rate, Denver is one of the best places for a career move.
  8. Charlotte
    Charlotte in recent years has seen exponential growth in the job sector. Thanks to its geographical location in the eastern seaboard, there are loads of private and public investments. The city is now considered an economic powerhouse with a growth rate of 60 percent. With more than 27,000 jobs getting added every year, Charlotte is best for career opportunities.
  9. Portland
    Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon and is also known by its name “Silicon Forest”. The metropolitan hub has high-tech companies that are situated in the industrial corridor between Beaverton and Hillsboro. Blessed with cutting-edge technology, Portland is the best place for people who are serious about their career aspirations.
  10. Provo
    Provo is another city that has made a name for itself in the employment sector. Located in Utah, the place is fostered by high-tech industries and cutting-edge technology which makes it best for job opportunities. Backed by a strong economy, Provo is best for people who are seeking career and business growth.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Best Places For Business And Careers In The USA
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