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How To Rock Animal Prints? 5 Tips For You!

Some style trends just never go out of style; they keep coming back with even more fervent craze. Animal prints are one of those trends that you just cannot ignore, and why not? They add a ton of attitude and oomph factor to your attire immediately. It matters not where you are headed, you become the topic of conversation immediately (and for all the right reasons). But there are so many ways that you could go wrong too! A little misstep and your fashion sense will just crash and burn. Hey, we got you, don’t you worry!

In the present article, we are going to talk about the five things that are going to help you pull off animal prints with ease:

  1. Don’t overdo it
    The easiest way to spoil any look is to go over the top with it. With animal prints, it is very easy to go wrong. Therefore, never overdo it when you are wearing an animal print accessory or garment. One piece of your clothing is enough; any more will seem like too much. You want to look glamorous in your outfit and not a fashion victim; you want to be featured on page 3 and not under fashion disaster. Wear a non-patterned piece that allows the animal print to take the center stage in your look. Any other attention-grabbing accessory will come off as being too ostentatious. Let the animal print do its job.
  2. Adding volume to your look
    Adding volume to your look is something that animal prints are best at. So any body part that you are proud of or want to show off should be the one getting the animal print treatment. What you should not do is wear them on any area that you don’t want to draw attention to. There are also some other things that you should keep in mind before you select the print you want to go with. For example, if you are a person of average height or a little on the shorter side, then don’t go with prints that might look cramped on you. It will end up making you look even shorter. The best way to start wearing animal prints is to use them minimally, like in a shrug or scarf, and then move your way up.
  3. Pair it with neutral colors
    Animal prints are inherently loud, and you don’t want to risk going wrong with them. The best way to complete your look when wearing them is to pair them with neutral colors. They tone down the overall zeal of your appearance and you look at home at any party. However, if you are not that confident yet as to go for an animal print dress, then consider starting with something that you know you can pull off. You can go with a top and pair it with pieces of denim!
  4. Adding a dash of color to the attire
    By adding a little bit of pop, funky color to your garment you can liven up the whole outfit. If you want to make a statement as a fashion icon then you have to be willing to be a little risky, experiment a little. Although, it would be best if you make this decision beforehand and not leave it up to the last moment. Red tones work best with animal prints; they bring out your sexy side without making you look too sultry. But if you are unsure about wearing a bright pop color then you also have the option of carrying a bright clutch or sporting funky footwear. They work just as well!
  5. Carrying accessories
    For someone who is starting out and not sure about what to wear, it is wise to accessorize. With well-thought-off accessories, you can test the waters before taking that plunge into rocking animal print dresses. Taking small steps to make yourself comfortable is a great way to decide what you can and what you cannot wear. A belt, shoes, heels, a clutch, a pashmina, a scarf, etc. there are so many options to choose from. Let’s face it, animal prints will take you from being casual to classy in under a second. Also, animal prints are just prints, you are not wearing fur or animal skin so there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about too!
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