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How To Get A Student Visa in Canada in 2021

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Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. Its universities have been the centers of excellent education that has produced capable professionals working across the globe. Research, too, is a stronghold of these universities making Canadian research scholars among the most cited in the world. Moreover, Canada, as a country, is very student-friendly, naturally picturesque, relatively less expensive, and highly modernized. All of these features make up for a perfect place for students from any part of the world to study.

But, Canada needs to maintain its borders like any other country. It can only allow students with proper intentions to pursue education in Canada and not misuse border controls in any way. Hence, a student visa is essential for most international students coming into the Canadian territory.

If you are planning to study in Canada, then you will inevitably have to prepare for a student visa. How to ensure that you get one? Here are a few things to remember.

Get an acceptance letter
There are a great many universities in the country you may want to apply to.  These include the University of Toronto, Thompson Rivers University, University of Winnipeg, and York University. Select the university you want to get admission to, apply for the same, and wait for the results. Once you receive an acceptance letter, you are one step closer to getting a student visa. An acceptance letter serves as proof that you have been indeed accepted in a recognized Canadian university and are eligible to study there.

Get all the documents right
You will need a wide range of documents to be supplied in order to complete your student visa application process. The documents needed are as follows:

  1. Original copy of the acceptance letter from the university

  2. A valid passport, except when you are from the United States of America.

  3. Proof of financial health is required to show that you can sustain yourself throughout the study program.

  4. A letter of intent.

  5. A filled-up application form for the student permit.

  6. Two passport size photographs, with the mention of name and date of birth on the back.

  7. Proof of payment for the student permit.

  8. You may need to get your documents translated into English and French in case you plan on studying in Quebec.

Proof of language proficiency
Like any other country, Canada requires from its students proof of English-language proficiency. Exemptions are only extended to students who come from English-speaking countries. The university applied, otherwise, will most certainly ask you to furnish such proof. While the university may stipulate what test scores are acceptable to it, students can generally offer tests scores obtained in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, or C1 Advanced.

Biometric appointment
Now, it is not necessary that you will have to take a biometric appointment. The requirements depend on your nationality. If your country is not exempted, then you will have to present yourself at the Visa Application Centre in your country for getting your biometric verification done. Note that there is a fee for the same, which is an add-on to the student visa application fee. Also, there may be a likelihood that you will be interviewed. However, as I said, it depends on the country you belong so you will have to independently look up the requirements.

Check whether you need a student visa at all
Canada extends exemptions to certain individuals belonging to certain categories. These categories cover the following:

  • You have got admitted to a program whose duration does not extend beyond 6 months.

  • You are either a family member or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada.

  • You belong to foreign armed forces under the Visiting Forces Act.

  • You have been registered as an Indian in Canada, despite being a citizen of another country.

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Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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