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Beauty tips from women leaders

Successful women leaders reveal the IR daily beauty tips that keep them fresh looking beautiful. However, in some cases there is not just the make-up that makes the difference but it’s a matter of mentality or how one faces life, the reflection of the inner beauty. After all, a genuine smile sometimes makes a woman irresistible.

Shama Hyder: She is an Indian- American entrepreneur and author. She was born in 1985. Hyder travels a lot. One of her vital habits for her face is run an ice cube over it in order to create some freshness when she feels it tired. Then she puts on her make-up. She pays much attention on buying a good eye and face cream.

Dr Roshini Raj: She is a gastroenterologist and she lives at New York City Metropolitan Area. She totally believes that stress affects the appearance of the skin. So, the key for her is to take some deep breaths during the day in order to release stress. Also, a tip for nourishing her face is applying topically probiotics.

Nancy Twine: She is the founder and CEO of Briogeo Hair Care. The company was launched in 2013. She strongly believes that people look at women nails. So, she gets a manicure every single week. She says that good nails give her confidence.

Cherie Corso: She is a lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur. She tries her perfume not to smell that much. The three basic tips for her include straight hair, simple make up and a nice dress. When she wants to be more glamorous she puts false lashes and she makes her hair curly.

Julia Labaton: She is a successful public relations professional and PR agency owner with over 25 years of experience counseling national and international beauty clients from strategic planning to execution and results. She is the owner and President of Red PR. She pays attention to good – looking eyes so she puts eyelash extensions. She also, often gets a manicure. She can’t stand looking at young women who don’t even brush their hair when they go out.

Nicole Beckley: She is a storyteller with specialization in brand development, PR and editorial. She has proven experience leading marketing and business development in the small business/start-up space. She says that the best tip for a fresh skin is drinking enough water. She also, believes that an eight hour sleep is essential for the body. Lastly, she tries to always keep her nails looking nice.

Mary Barra: The chief and CEO of General Motors doesn’t find anything else more vital for a woman to look fresh and beautiful than to get joy from her job.

Caroline Hirons: She is a professional author and skincare expert. She says that when we wake up we should prepare our skin for the rest of the day. She cleans her skin when she gets out of shower and then she uses a clean flannel. After this, follows the hydrating process. She first applies a hydrating mist and then eye cream, serum and a moisturizer. An important tip according to her is to warm products in hands before use.

Safra Catz: She is an Israeli- American billionaire banker and technology executive. She is the CEO of Oracle Corporation. She says that if someone wants to be good- looking and fashionable, must go shopping. That’s it. After all, it is not bad wanting to be fashionable. The bad thing is if you try to apply trendy mentality to the operation of your business. Catz says that company executives should not change strategy without thinking it first because of new terms that everyone is talking about.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - Beauty tips from women leaders
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