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Top Luggage Wear For Business Class

When it comes to business bags they have to stylish and class apart. These bag types need to be spacious yet compact. To choose which type of business bag you want to opt you shall be precise with your requirement. The size, style, and features are some points to look forward to. Here are a few luggage wears for the business class:

  1. Thule Accent Backpack 28L
    This backpack is great for short trips and weekend stays whilst many sleek features. The bag has a wide opening that gives easy access to the gear and you can also use the interior and exterior pockets to keep your things. The bag has a pass-through sleeve that gives handy all-in-one portability along with rolling luggage. The cost of this bag is around $129.95 and is available everywhere.
  2. Aer Travel Pack
    This backpack has won the award of Best Carry-On bag category. The bag also offers handy features for travelers. The packing of the backpack is such that it allows easy packing and access. There is a dedicated show compartment in the bag itself. There are lot many pockets in the bag that come in handy for putting things.
  3. Tom Bihn Tri-Star
    The bag is very functional, adaptable and offers a great durable build also organization. Along with the bag, you get the guarantee of a lifetime. There are front pockets that you can access easily and is best for small travel, work, and EDC items. The bag has side slings and top handles which can be used as a shoulder strap. The price of the bag is around $330.
  4. Mandarina Duck Carry Borse Da Lavoro
    This bag works well for both casual and formal visits and can be changed with a slim and understated design. For better portability, the bag has shoulder straps that give better mobility and has topped as well as side carry handles. Mandarina is great for keeping laptop and other documents as it has organizer pockets which can be used to keep travel essentials or work tools. The price of the bag is around $300 in the market.
  5. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Hybrid Notebook
    The Rimowa salsa notebook is known for being durable and light-weighted. The bag is made of polycarbonate and keprotec fiber which is reinforced with Kevlar fiber. You can either carry the bag with the top handle or use the shoulder strap. The basic price of this is $425 and available everywhere. There are exterior pockets and the bag can easily be converted into a trolley which makes it easy to transport.

  6. Eagle Creek Expanse International Carry-On
    The volume of the bag expands from smaller loads to larger ranging from 33.5L to 36.5L. The basic cost of the bag is somewhere about $189. The bag has heavy-duty wheels and a handle. You can choose your choice of top, side, and even the bottom.  The most talked-about feature of the bag is the security which has a central lock point and secure zip toggles which will take away your stress of being robbed.
  7. Raden A22
    The Raden A22 price starts from $285 and is easily available in the market. The bag is known for its sleek aesthetic features. The bag has features like an integrated battery and two USB ports that come in handy when you want to charge your electronics. The best feature of this bag is the proximity sensor which is connected via Bluetooth and gives your updates about the bag as to where it is close or far. The Raden 22A has spinner wheels which is a plus point.

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